Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs

Cockroaches eat bedbugs and their eggs. Roaches are fast and can easily catch bed bugs, their eggs and feed on them quick.

Bed bugs are a nuisance in every home. These tiny bloodsuckers can quickly develop colonies in bedroom furniture like wardrobes, side tables, mattresses, etc. and bite furiously all night long. Their bites are harmless to humans but the pain and irritation can be emotionally draining and traumatic in some cases.

Cockroaches are considered vermins to some people as they multiply fairly quick too. They can breed fast and often survive wherever food is available (in scarcity and in plenty). Considering the circumstances, commonly asked questions like can roaches eat bed bugs and can we use cockroaches to eliminate bed bugs? Let’s find out right away!

Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Roaches are scavengers and will eat whatever their mandibles can grab on to. They are notorious poop eater, waste food from the garbage, tiny insects, ants, spiders, and sometimes even other roaches. So, eating bed bugs, that are about the size of apple seed, is quite common phenomenon for roaches.

Can Roaches and Bed Bugs Live Together?

Roaches and bed bugs cannot survive under the same ecosystem as their relationship is precdator and prey.

However, if they do manage to live in the same house, it would be at different places. Bed bug colonies thrive best in areas without danger, and the target is simple to feed on, whereas roaches can live anywhere there is food.

Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Roaches?

Roaches feed on beg bugs for meals. Now, introducing a couple of cockroaches to a bed bug colony may help you get rid of some bed bugs, but it is almost impossible to eliminate an entire colony unless of course, you introduce more roaches to do the job. Bed bugs multiply fast, and just in a few days, their numbers can grow considerably.

Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs And Roaches

Getting rid of beg bugs should be done by a professional and with true intent to wipe off the entire colony. Even a pair of beg bugs can quickly scale the number to hundreds in a couple of days. So, we recommend you to use any type of external methods, such as exterminators or bed bug killers, to rid your home of these tiny pests once and for all.

There are lots of options available both, at stores and online too, that will aid you. The external beg bug cleaners that are widely used as the best of 2020 are Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Cosyworld Bed Bug Spray, Bedlam Plus 17 oz. and Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer

If the thought of exterminating them cringes your skin, then you can hire professional agencies that will do the job for you. These agencies have the right equipment and are well prepared to do the job. They may not cost much, but again its always better to invest in good sleep.

Other Natural Enemies of Bed Bugs

Aside cockroaches, there are many other natural enemies that bed bugs have. Yes, these tiny blood-sucking parasitic pests do are scared of many other predators other than roaches.

Listed below is the list of some of the biggest bed bug killers in the history of the insect kingdom.

  • Pharaoh Ants

In the wild, there are different ant species that eat bed bugs as one of their favorite diets. One such ant species is the Pharaoh ants that are notorious for liking bed bugs. In some cases, they clean up entire bed bugs without stress. But, these ants too are labeled dangerous to humans and it is best recommended to stay away from them.

  • ThanatusFlavidus Spider

Some spiders are famed for hunting and feeding off beg bugs, but ThanatusFlavidus is the most bed bug loving spiders of all. It belongs to the Philodromidae family and is usually found in Russia, Greece, and Ukraine.

  • Common House Dust Mites

Common house dust mites are popular as one of the strongest bed bug predators. They live in the same area bed bugs live and survive by feeding on them. These tiny organisms dwell in the dust and often feed on the skin flakes of animals, humans, and some mould.

  • House Centipedes

Humans dislike centipedes. But, centipedes are known to feed on a wide range of invertebrates such as bed bugs, termites, spiders, and even cockroaches. Even the house centipede has taste buds for bed bugs.

  • Masked Bed Bug Hunter

The masked hunter, or specifically known as ReduviusPersonatus, is a tiny insect that belongs to the assassin bug family. This little insect is known as masked hunter primarily because of its nymphs, which usually camouflage themselves with dust. It feeds on plenty of small arthropods, which also include woodlice, lacewings, bed bugs, and termites.

Final Words

Can roaches eat bed bugs? Yes, roaches can and will eat bugs. They will consume any food and every food they can find, and so bed bugs make nice meals for roaches. But, even if roaches kill and eat bed bugs, it is not always possible for them to eliminate and attack an entire bed bug colony.

Do cockroaches eat beg bugs? The simple answer is yes. However, we recommend you use an external bed bug killer or hire any bed bug killing professionals to fully rid you of these pest infestation at your house.


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