Does Fabuloso attract Roaches, Bugs, Flies? FIND OUT

Does fabuloso attract roaches? No, it does not. In fact, fabuloso is great at killing roaches. Cockroaches cannot bear the smell of clean-scented floral products, and they choke on these fresh-scented cleaning solutions.

Can Lavender Fabulso kill Flies?

Lavender Fabulso is great for killing flies, bed bugs, and roaches. It is known to snuff the life out of roaches once it gets in contact with them. Plus, it makes your house smell fresh, like lavender flowers, instead of the awful, nauseating and harmful smell of roach spray.

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Lavender Fabulosa is 100% non-toxic and safe to use around pets and little children. The smell it leaves behind is fresh and clean too, just like an air freshener.

How to use Lavender Fabulso to Control Roaches

First, take away any available food supplies from your shelve or pantry.

Next, place carefully Glue boards in strategic places.

Third, keep a spray bottle within reach and spray cockroaches with Lavender Fabulosa

A lot of the cockroaches will become stuck, trapped and die on the Glue boards, but there will be others that manage to avoid the bait, and will continue unless you spray every one of them.

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Does Fabuloso Repel Roaches?

Yeah, it does. Fabulso is a strong, all-purpose household cleaner that kills roaches on contact like bleach.

Additionally, spraying Pine-Sol around the outside of your house will keep cockroaches away.

Does Fabuloso attract Roaches

Does Fabuloso kill Bugs?

Fabuloso is a great gnat and ant killer too! It kills roaches too and doesn’t leave tat strange chemical smell that only bug killing sprays seem to leave behind.

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