EcoSMART Ant and Roach Killer Reviews

Welcome to Ecosmart ant and roach killer review!

I originally bought Ecosmart ant and roach killer to eradicate the ant infestation in my yard. I picked these because it is safe to use around pets, and has a pleasant smell (smells like peppermint and eucalyptus).

It kills ants, roaches and other bugs while eliminating their chemical trail. Do not overspray this product as it can prove overpowering.

I would be happy to purchase this product over again.

Ecosmart Ant and Roach Killer Reviews

For 340 days, I battled continuously with sugar ants. I did try all the crap at home depot, Lowe’s, everywhere but none seemed to do a great job.

The cockroach gel traps everything, it kind of kills them but not as close to this spray. It is really potent and this Ecosmart ant and roach killer targets cockroaches, ants (all kinds), and other bugs.

I own pets and dislike toxic things in my home or environment. I feel pretty better about using this product. I couldn’t find any more cockroaches and stubborn ants anywhere. I tell you, this stuff is amazing!

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Their scent trail scents gone too!

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Features & Benefits

It kills cockroaches, ants, pill bugs, spiders, crickets, carpenter ants, and other crawling insects on contact.

EcoSMART is non-staining, safe enough to be used in your home with kids and pets but still strong enough to kill the most persistent pests.

EcoSMART is completely organic so you can feel assured that using this non-toxic formula around pets and kids unlike some insecticide products on the market.

This insecticide uses all natural plant oils such as cinnamon oil and rosemary, so it smells natural and fresh, unlike other harsh chemical products.

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This Ecosmart cockroach spray is eco-friendly and will not hurt birds, fish, or contaminate ground water supplies.

EcoSMART Ant and Roach Killer Reviews

Ecosmart Ant and Roach Killer Ingredients

The active ingredients included are:

  • cinnamon oil, rosemary oil,
  • wintergreen oil, and other natural ingredients including water, mineral oil, and vanillin.

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How to Apply Ecosmart Cockroach Spray

It’s easy to apply – just spray it anywhere you see bugs for a quick contact kill.

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