How Can Roaches Survive a Nuclear Bomb? REAL or MYTH?

Cockroach breeds like the German Cockroaches can withstand  exposure to 100,000 rads.

How Can Roaches Survive a Nuclear Bomb?

From research, it has been proven that cockroaches can withstand a large amount of radiation – like the 1945 Hiroshima bomb. That explains why many of these bugs survived the 1954 blasts.

Now, does that mean cockroaches are indestructible? Of course not! A test carried out by Mythbusters revealed that some German roaches exposed to various levels of radiation to see how much it took to finish them off. It was a lot.

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Humans typically will kick the bucket when exposed to relatively small amounts of radiation. In fact, an average human wil succumb under 1,000 rads – but these cockroaches were defeated by exposure to 100,000 rads.

You should know that a nuclear blast isn’t the only danger of radiation; there’s also heat and impact. The Hiroshima bomb was said to have released 10,300 rads into the air – enough to kill a human, but not a roach.

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How Can Roaches Survive a Nuclear Bomb

So, Will a Nuclear Heat Blast Kill a Cockroach?

If a roach is instantly exposed to a nuclear blast, the heat from the detonation will kill them instantly.

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