Can Naphthalene Balls Kill Termites

Termites are most often a serious issue for homeowners. They cause structural damage to your home, and can quickly spread to other parts of your property if left untreated.

But, Can Naphthalene Balls Kill Termites? This article discusses the validity of naphthalene balls as a synthetic alternative to termite treatment.

What are Naphthalene Balls?

Naphthalene balls are hollow logs that have naphthalene, a substance used to make mothballs.

Mothballs are commonly used to protect clothing and furniture from moths, but they can also be used as termite traps.

The termites consume the naphthalene balls and then die because of the toxicity of the chemicals.

How Do Naphthalene Balls Work?

A common household product that many people have in their homes is naphthalene balls. These come in a pill-like shape and are made of a toxic, flammable chemical.

They are typically used as home pest control measures because they emit a heavy, penetrating odor. In order to kill an insect or bug, these balls must enter the creature’s body in order to get its blood circulating before dissolving into body fluids.

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Pros and Cons of Using Naphthalene Balls to Kill Termites

Some people use naphthalene balls to kill termites. Some experts warn against using them because they can actually cause more harm than good.

They often release a chemical that can damage the walls of your home and give off a toxic gas.

These objects are also dangerous because they’re not always easy to get rid of, especially in crawl spaces.

Is Naphthalene Toxic for Humans?

Naphthalene, also known as “naphthen,” is a chemical used in mothballs and other insect-repelling products. In large doses, naphthalene can be toxic to humans.

While it is not typically toxic when used in smaller dosages, it should be stored away from pets and children.

Do naphthalene balls keep termites away?

Naphthalene balls are a popular termite treatment, but they may not be as effective as you think.

The balls contain a chemical that repels termites, and it is true that the scent alone will deter the pests from returning to their nests for about three days.

However, after this time period, the whole ball would have to be replaced in order for a termite infestation to be contained.

In addition, naphthalene balls might not kill all of the termites that come in contact with them—so there could still be an infestation in your home after using these items.

Do Mothballs repel Termites?

The short answer is that mothballs repel termites. The long answer is that there are multiple theories about this topic.

One such theory claims that the chemicals in mothballs mix with the pheromones of termites and disrupt their communication, slowing them down enough to allow them to be eaten by other insects instead.

How do You Neutralize Naphthalene?

Naphthalene balls are an interesting way to get rid of small termites. The balls are made out of naphthalene, which is a petroleum-derived liquid that can be found in things like mothballs and fireworks.

It will suffocate any termites that come into contact with the balls and it doesn’t seem to be poisonous to humans because you’re supposed to wear gloves when applying them.

However, some people have had bad reactions from naphthalene, so if you’re sensitive to chemicals then this may not be the best option.

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Is Naphthalene a Poison?

Naphthalene balls are made from naphthalene, so the answer is yes. The idea behind using these balls is that termites can’t eat them, but will ingest the naphthalene and then die.

This method has been tested and it does work but is not recommended to be used on a large scale because of the fumes that are thrown off by the balls.

Can You get Naphthalene Poisoning from Termites?

Yes, naphthalene balls are poisonous to termites and other insects. The balls are designed to release a toxin that slowly kills the target insects.

This is a very effective method of pest control because it is non-toxic yet it is lethal.

How do you treat termites naturally?

To treat termites naturally, what you want to do is get an ant colony and put it in your house. The ants will build tunnels in the walls and eat the termites.

What happens if You Smell Naphthalene Balls?

Naphthalene balls are often used to kill termites, but that’s not always the case. They can also smell a little bit like mothballs, so some people think that these balls might be dangerous for humans.

What happens if We Eat Naphthalene Balls?

It’s not safe to eat naphthalene balls. They would create a toxic gas and make you sick.

Are there termites that use naphthalene in their nests?

Naphthalene is a chemical that has been used for many years as an insecticide in the form of balls.

If termites are able to detect that naphthalene is present in their environment, they will leave their home and search for a new one.

While this process seems like it would work, termites have been known to be quite resistant and have adapted to several chemicals.

What are the effects of Naphthalene on Humans?

Naphthalene is one of the most common and widely available pesticides used by humans. It’s a yellow, crystalline solid that has many uses.

Because it is so easy to find and relatively inexpensive, it can be used in households without much hassle.

One of these uses is as a household insecticide. In this case, naphthalene balls are loosely packed balls of naphthalene powder that are placed near combustible materials such as wood or paper where termites dwell.

Naphthalene balls have been shown to work well in home settings, but they have potential side effects including acute respiratory distress and allergic reactions when applied directly to skin or eyes.

How is Naphthalene used to Repel Moths?

Naphthalene is a chemical compound that is produced when petroleum or coal is burned. It can be found in mothballs, which are used to repel moths in homes.

Naphthalene also has the ability to kill ants and termites on contact.

What kind of Insect Fumigates its Nest with Mothballs?

In order to fight termites, John Beeler and his wife created a natural pesticide. This was done by fumigating the nest with naphthalene balls.

After the balls are dropped into the termite tunnels, they release naphthalene gas which is toxic for both insects and humans.

The balls also keep pests away from your house as well.

Does Naphthalene Balls Prevent Termites?

While naphthalene balls don’t kill the entire colony, they can keep a significant number of termites away.

They will also stop termites from returning to their nests. If you have seen your home infested with termites, this is a good way to try and get rid of them without using chemicals that may be harmful to your health or the environment.

Does Naphthalene kill Termites?

Naphthalene pellets are available in many places such as hardware stores. While they may seem like a perfect solution, they can actually cause more harm than good.

It’s very important to make sure that the area is free of dangerous chemicals like bleach and acetone before using naphthalene pellets.

Can Naphthalene Balls kill Insects?

Naphthalene balls can kill insects including termites. The balls are made of naphthalene and are usually rolled in powder form.

They need to be placed in the center of structures and near the top of walls so that they can fully release their fumes into the room or area.

Do Moth Balls kill Termites?

Yes, naphthalene balls can kill termites. They will suffocate the termites due to the fumes they emit. This is a less toxic alternative to chemical pesticides that are not recommended for indoor use.

Will Mothballs get rid of Termites?

No, naphthalene balls are not effective for killing termites. They will only get rid of the pest for a short time.

Tip If taking precautions to prevent termites is not enough, you may have a case where you need to get rid of the pests in your home.

You can call a professional pest control company or if you feel confident enough, you can hire a certified pest controller.

They will be able to assess your situation and give you advice on how to achieve this.

Can Naphthalene Balls Repel Ants?

Naphthalene balls are not an ideal exterminator for your home. The ball doesn’t last long, it’s not powerful enough to kill the entire colony, and it doesn’t kill termites where they live.

Does Camphor repel Termites?

Camphor is a natural, organic substance that can be found in certain plants. It has been used for centuries as a natural insect repellent and is often seen burning outside homes or workshops.

In fact, camphor is the most commonly used insecticide in the world.

Camphor only works to repel insects when it is dissolved in water and its vaporized, but it cannot kill insects like termites.

However, camphor balls were able to kill 100% of the termites that came into contact with them on screen while they were still alive and walking around.

Do Termites eat Camphor Laurel?

Naphthalene balls are made of camphor laurel, toxic to termites and ants. When the balls are opened, they emit an odor that is poisonous to insects.

Naphthalene balls can be used to kill any pests that come in contact with them.

Does Camphor get rid of Ants?

Naphthalene balls are a type of pesticide that you can use to kill termites. Camphor is the active ingredient in this pesticide, and it seems to have a noticeable effect on ants as well. When mixed into water, camphor produces poisonous gas.

Can Camphor repel Ants?

Camphor is a natural chemical that can be used to repel termites. If a naphthalene ball is made with camphor, it can potentially kill the entire colony if you leave it in the colony for long enough.

However, this method is not recommended because of its toxicity and flammability.

Can Naphthalene Balls Kill Termites?

Naphthalene balls can safely kill termites. They are made of naphthalene, a chemical that is toxic to termites.

This must be followed by a thorough washing of the area with fresh water to make sure that all of the naphthalene has been removed and it is safe to use again in the next treatment.


Naphthalene balls are extremely effective for killing termites. However, it is important to remember that naphthalene balls have a very specific purpose and should not be used as a long-term solution.

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