Cricket Cockroach Hybrid – Handsome Trig Info!

Did you find a bug that looks like a cricket cockroach hybrid? Does it have cricket hind legs, jumps like a cricket, but have the body of an ant or a roach?

That’s a Handsome Trig or Red-headed bush cricket! It is a specie of cricket found in shrubs such as viburnums and dogwoods in sunny hedge row and border habitats in North East Ohio.

The color scheme is a match, broadly, and dark basal antenna segments make it appear to have beetle mandibles. The enlarged palps tip when held up, appear like the dark eyes of beetle. The females have a convex, folded forewings that appear “beetle-like”, and striated.

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Some argue that the palps mimic jumping spiders.

Red-headed Bush Cricket Information

  • Synonyms and other taxonomic changes

Phyllopalpus pulchellus Uhler,

  • Numbers

1 species in this genus in the U.S.

  • Size


  • Explanation of Names

pulchellus-pretty or beautiful

  • Identification

The red-headed cricket will have a red thorax/head, dark bluish-black forewings and pale legs. The last body segment of palp is black and is oval shaped. Female forewings are convex similar to beetles.

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The males sing songs known as “rattling, broken trill” (2), given both day and night. Their Left wing is clear apparently modified for stridulation.

  • Range

Southeast U.S. north to Massachusetts, excluding South Florida.

  • Habitat

You will find this handsome cricket near marshes and streams, about a meter above the ground.

  • Season

Single generation; you will find adults appear in July/early August

Order:   Orthoptera (or-THOP-ter-a) (Info)

Family:  Trigonidiidae

Genus: Phyllopalpus

Species:               pulchellus (pul-KEL-us) (Info)


Cricket Cockroach Hybrid

States to Find Cricket Roach Hybrid in the United States

This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

  • Brundidge, Alabama
  • Buchanan, Georgia
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Morrisville, Pennsylvania
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Pequannock, New Jersey
  • Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  • Salem, South Carolina
  • Galax, Virginia
  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Pittsboro, North Carolina
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