Cricket Cockroach Hybrid – Handsome Trig Info!

Did you find a bug that looks like a cricket cockroach hybrid? Does it have cricket hind legs, jumps like a cricket, but have the body of an ant or a roach?

That’s a Handsome Trig or Red-headed bush cricket! It is a specie of cricket found in shrubs such as viburnums and dogwoods in sunny hedge row and border habitats in North East Ohio.

The color scheme is a match, broadly, and dark basal antenna segments make it appear to have beetle mandibles. The enlarged palps tip when held up, appear like the dark eyes of beetle. The females have a convex, folded forewings that appear “beetle-like”, and striated.

Some argue that the palps mimic jumping spiders.

Red-headed Bush Cricket Information

  • Synonyms and other taxonomic changes

Phyllopalpus pulchellus Uhler,

  • Numbers

1 species in this genus in the U.S.

  • Size


  • Explanation of Names

pulchellus-pretty or beautiful

  • Identification

The red-headed cricket will have a red thorax/head, dark bluish-black forewings and pale legs. The last body segment of palp is black and is oval shaped. Female forewings are convex similar to beetles.

The males sing songs known as “rattling, broken trill” (2), given both day and night. Their Left wing is clear apparently modified for stridulation.

  • Range

Southeast U.S. north to Massachusetts, excluding South Florida.

  • Habitat

You will find this handsome cricket near marshes and streams, about a meter above the ground.

  • Season

Single generation; you will find adults appear in July/early August

Order:   Orthoptera (or-THOP-ter-a) (Info)

Family:  Trigonidiidae

Genus: Phyllopalpus

Species:               pulchellus (pul-KEL-us) (Info)


Cricket Cockroach Hybrid

States to Find Cricket Roach Hybrid in the United States

This bug has been reportedly found in the following regions:

  • Brundidge, Alabama
  • Buchanan, Georgia
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Morrisville, Pennsylvania
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Pequannock, New Jersey
  • Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  • Salem, South Carolina
  • Galax, Virginia
  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Pittsboro, North Carolina


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