Do Cockroaches Make Noise 5 Sounds they Make

Yes. Cockroaches make noise, especially when active, despite being discrete and hiding from humans and other predators; if you listen attentively, you can hear them making noise.

The average cockroach in your home will not make too much noise as, over time, they have learned to be more discrete when interacting with the environment.

The noise made by cockroaches is distinct from other insects like beetles or crickets, different species of cockroaches make noise, and some species of roaches tend to hiss while others stridulate.

Cockroach noises can be most heard at night since they are nocturnal insects; most of their activities tend to be at night when they face minor disturbance and obstacles from man and predators alike.

Some of the most common species of roaches do not make much noise, and unfortunately, this is not a good thing as it will make it slightly tricky to locate and curb cockroach invasion before it turns out into an entire-blown infestation.

Do Common House Roaches Vocalize?

No. the average, typical house roach like the German and American specie, for instance, do not vocalize.

But at night, when everywhere is quiet and calm, you can hear noises of cockroaches scurrying around furniture, appliances, and wall cavities when they are going about in search of food.

The more cockroach you have in your house, the more you will get to detect their noises. Wild cockroaches, on the other hand, can vocalize to communicate with each other; common house roaches have lost that ability, and they instead rely on pheromones to do the talking for them.

Why Do I Hear Cockroaches at Night?

You hear the noise of cockroaches at Night because everywhere will be calm and quiet, making any slight noise made by roaches when they come out in search of food at night to be heard by you.

They are nocturnal insects and are most active at night; they chirp quietly or loudly when they feel threatened or mating.

Cockroach prefers damp, dark, and hidden corners; at night, they become alert and start their endless cycle of searching for food while you are fast asleep, and in the process of these roaches interacting with their environment, they tend not to be stealthy. You can get to hear them making noise.

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Why Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

Cockroaches can make noise for a diverse number of reasons, starting from when they feel threatened or fighting for dominance; most cockroaches in your house are not from the same colony, and if they happen to meet, they will wrestle for authority, and you will hear them making noise in the process.

Another primary reason cockroaches make noise is when seeking mate; this scenario is rare for household roaches, but roaches living in the wild make noise to attract mates and attempts courtship with them.

What Noise do Cockroaches Make?

Cockroaches make a different number of noises; for instance, when the population of roaches is much you get to hear the sound of their wings fluttering, the Madagascar hissing cockroaches get their name from the hissing sound that comes out of the opening in their sides, this hissing sound becomes more audible when they feel threatened, or they are in a fight or trying to attract a mate.

Some species of roaches also produce acoustic sounds by rubbing their legs or wings together to attract mates; some example of roaches found in this category is the Australian cockroaches.

Cockroaches also make a chirping sound by rubbing their pronotum against their coastal veins, this is done mainly by the male cockroaches, and it is done during mating and courtship.

They also make a cracking sound when they are feeding on something, it sounds like when a leaf is being eaten, you can hear this sound either from your kitchen or from your cupboard, wherever you hear the sound from, if you investigate correctly, you will find roaches in that environment.

What is a Stridulating Cockroach Sound?

The male cockroach explicitly makes the stridulating cockroach sound; it is made during courtship, especially when the female roach is unresponsive during the courtship/mating period.

The stridulating sound is produced when the pronotum rub against the costal veins, cockroaches mate during the hot, humid season; this is when they make the loudest kind of noise.

This sounds alerts not only female roaches but also male roaches. During the courtship process, the male cockroaches raise their tegmina and wings when courting the female.

At the same time showing off his tergum, the female, on the other hand, gets attracted to the pheromones produced by the male roaches in his abdomen and then proceeds to mount and then palpate or, better still, feed on the male’s tergum.

The initial mating process is without the stridulating sound; if the female roach is receptive to the male’s advances, then the mating process can occur quickly, but if not, then the male stands about 2cm away from her then stridulate.

Do Cockroaches Make Noise

Do all Cockroaches Make Stridulating Sound?

No. despite the stridulating sound being a regular courtship ritual among roaches, not every cockroach makes the stridulating sound.

The Australian roach species mostly make the stridulating sound, this stridulation trait is found in the speckled roach, and they are composed of three short pulses and double chirps that last basically for three minutes.

Do Roaches Chirp?

Yes. Roaches do chirp when they feel threatened or when they are fighting with other cockroaches from another colony; the level of the chirping intensifies if the infestation is high in your home; naturally, the chirping tend to be faint, but if you can hear the noise then it’s time to bring out all your Arsenal to get rid of them as there is a high chance your home has been infested with roaches.

Do Roaches Hiss?

Yes. Hissing cockroaches are primarily herbivores, and some people keep them as pets in the United States.

These species of roaches that hiss are found primarily on Madagascar that is where they got their name, Madagascar hissing roaches.

Madagascar hissing cockroaches are giant cockroaches that are two to three inches long and an inch wide.

The male Madagascar hissing cockroach establishes territories and defends them from other male roaches while the female does not fight and is gregarious.

The Madagascar hissing cockroaches produce a hissing sound by forcefully pushing air through a pair of modified spiracles.

The spiracle is a small opening through which you can stand into the trachea; the female and nymph only hiss when they are disturbed.

Why Do Roaches Hiss?

The Madagascar roaches hiss when they want to defend their territories and also avoid their predators.

They also hiss during courtship and mating and for communication purposes, for instance, to warn other members of the colony of danger.

The female Madagascar roach only hiss when they feel disturbed; if you pick them abruptly from the ground or shine light at them, they send a hiss as a sort of warning signal to their colony.

The hissing noise is distinct; the hissing of alarm is quite different from the hissing of courting or mating.

The hissing cockroaches have specifically modified spiracles on the side of their body that when air is being expelled from their body, they make a hissing sound.

Can you hear Cockroaches Flying?

No. only a small percentage of cockroaches fly since it is not all species that have got wings; the Asian, brown, smoky brow, and wood roaches are competent fliers; most cockroaches do not fly at all, and those that can fly will do when they are encouraged either by the heat or cold.

Humans can’t hear the sound of their wings. Flying can generate a soft buzzing sound, the sound of flying you can listen to is not from roaches but other flying insects like bees or wasps.

When cockroaches fly, they generate very soft sounds that cannot be detected by humans but can only be heard by other animals in your household, like your cat, for instance.

Can You hear Cockroaches Walking?

No. it is not possible to hear a cockroach walking as a human unless they are moving very quickly; if they make noise, it is so slight that if you are not paying avid attention to it, you won’t hear it.

A cockroach can travel within an environment by following through pipelines and eating their way through walls sometimes; they can also come into your home through obvious ways like doors and windows.

Cockroaches are accomplished climbers and can move very quickly when they feel slightly threatened

Can You Hear Roaches Scurrying?

When they are many, you can hear them scurrying around, either searching for food or hiding from predators.

Cockroaches are one of the most disturbing types of pest to ever find in your home; they can be tough to spot, even harder to catch, so it is of no surprise to see them scurrying around in your home, most especially if you have got the problem of roaches on your hand.

When they move quickly through your house, you can hear the sound, but these sounds would most likely be more pronounced at night and in primary areas where cockroaches live.

No insect can be completely silent when they are running, other than the pitter-patter sounds made from them scurrying around, and you will find different kinds of noise they make.

Be always careful to distinguish the noise made by roaches and other insects; for instance, the chirping sound made by cockroaches is quite different from the ones made by beetles or crickets, another thing is if you hear a buzzing sound of flying, it can be from another kind of flying critter such as a wasp since flying cockroaches makes little to no sound at all.

Can You Hear Cockroaches Eating?

Not really; if there is any sound when a cockroach is eating, it is most likely the food itself making noise, not the cockroach eating.

The cockroach’s mouth is too small and precise to generate noise; when eating, you won’t hear munching or biting; they have sharp mandibles that help them chew through different materials, including plastic, wood, furniture, walls, etc.

Foods like paper, bread crumbs, and chips may slightly sound when the cockroach is eating them, although the noise will still be tranquil, and you may miss it if you are not paying attention to it.

Do Cockroaches Make Noise in the Walls?

Yes. Cockroaches make noise in the wall when they brush against things that may generate sound, such as insulation, wallpapers, etc.

If cockroaches make noise in your wall, the sound would have to pass through the drywall and insulation; this drywall and insulation will negate the noise entirely that even if they make noise, your pets won’t even be able to hear the noise talk more of you.

So technically, it is quite irrelevant if roaches make noise in your wall or not.

Cockroaches make you feel as though you are an unwelcomed guest in your own house; they move about from one place to the other, infesting your home.

To make the matter direr, they will contaminate your food and cause further problems as they are known to transport germs.

When the conditions are right, they may likely become loud; instead of making noise when they move about making contact with things in the wall, you can get to hear them chirping or hissing; when you hear these sounds on your wall, kindly do know that you have got a severe case of roach infestation on your hands,

When mating, they do make a whole lot of noise as well, you may not get to see the roaches even when they are present, but if you know what to look out for and listen for, you would likely start looking for a lasting solution to the roach infestation,

Do Cockroaches Make a Clicking Noise?

No. roaches do not have the mechanism other insects have to make a clicking sound. They do, however, make a noise that sounds very much like the clicking sound, most especially when they rub their hard shell that covers the thorax against their intercostal vein, the male roach only produces this sound, and it is generated when they are to mate or when they feel threatened or trying to take dominance over another male.

The insect primarily known for the clicking noise is the beetle, so when next you hear the sound of clicking, it might be the beetle making noise and not a roach.

Most household roaches cannot make this sound. Even the wild cockroaches find it challenging to make the clicking noise.

The beetle, on the other hand, is the chief culprit when it comes to making the clicking sound, and the clicking sound is created when the beetles flip themselves erect.

While flipping themselves, their spine will need to slide into the underside of their abdomen; other insects that can make the clicking sounds apart from the beetles include cicadas and the katydids.

Do Cockroach Noise Mean You Have an Infestation?

No. hearing the noise of cockroaches does not mean you have an infestation of cockroaches on your hand; it is not a viable reason to think you have got an infestation on your hands when you hear cockroach noise as it may likely be coming from one or two roaches.

And most times, roach noises are so soft and happen so rarely that you won’t even detect them; some noise you may think to belong to cockroaches may be coming from other insects within the house.

Although the initial stage may likely not be an infestation, if nothing is done to curb it, they may reproduce or attract other roaches of the same or different colony to your house.

Before you know it, you will have an entire infestation of cockroaches.

Do Cockroach Make Noise like Cricket?

No. roaches do not make a  noise like crickets; unlike cricket, roaches’ noise is a little subdued, and you usually won’t get to hear cockroaches making noise unless the conditions are favorable.

Cockroaches make noise when they are either mating, fighting, feeling threatened, or courting; they can make noise when they interact with the environment they find themselves in when going in search of food or a place to hide.

Although cockroaches make the hissing sound, for instance, the Madagascar hissing roach, in any case, their hissing will not be as loud or pronounced as that of the cricket.

The chirping sounds from crickets are much more audible than that of a cockroach, so there is no mistaking cockroach hissing noise for the chirping of crickets.

Crickets make their sounds by rubbing their front wings together. Their wing surface amplifies the chirping sound; another exciting thing is that their sounds can be used to calculate temperature, dependent on the number of sounds.

Do Cockroach Make a Squeaking Noise?

No. although some people will describe the noise they make as squeaking noise, this is far from it, cockroaches would prefer to keep silent rather than make noise, but they make noise for some reason.

Still, when you hear squeaking noise, it is not from a cockroach; the noise may be from baby mice, katydids, crickets, and Native beetles.

The native beetle makes a squeaking noise when they are scared.

Do Cockroach Make High Pitched Noises?

No. cockroaches do not make high-pitched noises; they, however, can elicit high-pitched noise from an unsuspecting homeowner at night.

But species like the American and German species are generally silent; however, the Madagascar hissing cockroach is an exception to this norm.

They make noise ranging from hissing to chirping and a little clicking.

The cockroach makes noise when it’s mating, defending territories, fighting, or sending an alarm to the colony, but roaches do not make high pitched noises, because even if they make noise, it is minimal and soft.

Do Oriental Cockroach Make Noise?

Not really; just under certain conditions like mating, the oriental cockroach does not make noise; usually, just like the American and German roaches, they make noise when mating just like any other species of roaches.

Do Cockroach Make a Buzzing Noise?

No. most insects make a buzzing noise, especially when they are flying but not the cockroach; aside from the fact that not all roaches fly, when they do, it is so softly that you may not likely hear the sound of their wings unless, of course, they are flying in the rare colony.

Not all cockroaches make noise, and the ones that do can only be detected when everywhere is quiet and calm and when you are paying attention and know exactly what you are listening for.

Do Cockroach Make a Noise When They Fly?

Yes, if you listen closely, you can hear the fluttering of their wings sometimes.

Most roach species have fully developed wings, but not all of them engage in flying; it is only a few of them that take to flight; an example is the palmetto bug.

The most noise you will hear is when the flying cockroach falls on its back and starts flapping its wing sporadically to get up.

But for the most flight that roaches engage in, the sounds of their wings will go unnoticed by humans, but dogs and cats will get to hear the sound, all thanks to their refined hearing.

Do Hissing Cockroach Make Noise?

Yes. That is why the cockroach is called Madagascar hissing cockroach because of the hissing noise it makes; it makes a distinct hissing sound that is produced by forcing air through the spiracle, a modified breathing holes on the abdomen, the hissing noise can also be generated when roaches feel threatened and when being handled by a human.

Do German cockroach Make Noise?

No. the German roaches, just like the American roach species, are not known for making noise, unlike other species of cockroaches that will make noise for several reasons starting from mating, to courtship, to when they feel threatened, among other reasons, chief noise maker in this category is no different than the Madagascar hissing roach, they are known for always hissing by forcing air through a breathing hole located in their abdomen called a spiracle.

Can You Hear Cockroaches in the Wall?

Technically no, with all the insulation in the walls, it will be quite challenging to hear roaches making noise in your wall.

Roaches won’t mind living in the wall because your wall offers a dark and humid environment that is just right for roaches to not only live in but thrive in as well.

Cockroaches love to live close to their food source, so it will be no surprise to see them living in crevices, cracks, and other structural flaws within your house.

Most roaches do not tend to make noise, but if you pay very close attention and your wall insulation is likely faulty, then it is likely possible to hear cockroaches shuffling within the walls of your house; the noise will only get somewhat louder if you happen to have a severe case of infestation on your hands.

Do Water Bugs Make Noise?

Yes, water bugs make noise, but before the sound can be transferred from the water to air, it is lost since water bugs live underwater.

But as a human, when walking along the Riverbanks, you may hear songs from the water bugs as their song is loud enough for you to hear.

The water bugs make this noise by a process called stridulation; this happens when the water bug rubs a ridge on his penis against its ridged abdomen; this method the scientist believed is done to attract mates for courtship.

Its sound is 99.2 decibels; it is said to be the loudest animal on earth.

It is noise compared to listening to a loud orchestra playing while sitting in the front at a music audition.

Can You Hear Cockroach Walking?

No, you can’t quite hear it when a cockroach is walking; even to listen to a cockroach scurrying will take a lot of concentration and a large number of roaches to scurry before you can hear, but this is not the case with your house pets, with their advance hearing abilities, they can listen to the sounds of roaches scurrying around your house irrespective of the number of the cockroaches.


Having roaches infest your home can be terrifying; apart from being carriers of diseases and infecting your food and drinks, they can also destroy some of your properties.

These insects are difficult to get rid of once they have found their way into your home, and they reproduce at an alarming rate, making it the more difficult to chase out of your home.

Most annoying is that when sleeping at night, they may hurry around your home in search of food or make noises that make you stay up all night wondering if they will scuffle around you while you sleep.

There are methods you can implore that may help get rid of this nocturnal insect before they become a real menace to you.

Start by getting rid of anything that will serve as a source of food for them, avoid eating in your bedroom, clean up used dishes immediately after eating, get rid of garbage, and ensure you do not have any leaking pipe either in your kitchen or anywhere else in your house.

Clog up any opening in the house and invest in some organic methods to get rid of roaches from your home so you can sleep without keeping one eye open.

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