Does Fabric Softener Kill Roaches

What’s worse than opening your door and seeing roaches scatter in various directions in your home – Ugh! So annoying.

For years, many homeowners like yourself have searched for various ways of getting rid of cockroaches as well as keeping them out in the first place.

There are lots of “Do it Yourself” roach killer options out there but we will be considering one today – which is fabric softener.

Does Fabric Softener Kill Roaches? Are they Effective?

Yeah, it does. This work as far as you have a good aim and don’t waste time. You know these blurdhi bugs are damn quick on their feet.

To make fabric softener spray, simply use some fabric softener and two parts water. Then mix it together and that’s it. A solution that blocks off the air holes on roaches, leaving it to suffocate.

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Does Fabric Softener Kill Roaches

Another simple way to apply this is doing it around cockroach hotspots. These hotspots are areas like sinks, cupboards, and the places where your walls meet your floor.

Sadly, this solution works best for killing individual cockroaches as they appear in your home. It isn’t so great either in preventing roaches from coming into your home.

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