How to Prevent Roaches from Moving with You

When you move from house to house and you keep seeing roaches in the house, it might be due to you. If you move to a new house that was roaches-free but soon became infested with roaches, it might be because the roaches keep moving with you.

Don’t fret. Calm down, let’s offer a solution.

Here, you’ll learn how to prevent roaches from moving with you.

How Does Roaches Move with You?

Cockroaches are smart creatures. Multiple times, they’ll move from house to house through human agents. Let’s see some ways they move with you.

  • Hiding in Luggage

Your luggage can be one ready source of transporting roaches from one house to another. Cockroaches can stay inside a bag for weeks. The worst thing is that they can feed on your belongings as they’re not picky eaters.

  • Travelling Through Plants

Your beloved potted plants can be a ready source of transport for roaches. Since most roaches have a brownish color, they might mask with the roots of the plants. Their feces that might give them away also have a color that will blend in with the color of the soil.

If the plant has leaves that are hollow, it becomes even harder to spot them. They can hide inside the depth of the hollow leaves.

  • Stowing Away in Electronics

Cockroaches can make electronic devices their home. They only come out when they need to eat. If you’re moving, there’s a chance that your electronic devices are packaged in a special package. If they’re hungry enough, they might nibble off the carton or anything they find.

Roaches have lived inside computers, Xboxes and even printers. A technician in Australia tagged a computer “PooBook” due to the activities of cockroaches inside the computer.

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How to Prevent Roaches from Moving with You

How to Prevent Cockroaches from Moving with You

You can learn how to prevent roaches from moving with your by following some necessary precautions. These tips are tried and trusted. They can help you limit the roaches that move with you.

  • Check Whatever You’re Travelling With

Ensure that whenever you’re moving, you checked your luggage for sign of roaches’ infestation. If you live in a house with a previous infestation, check for roaches rigorously. Take your time. It doesn’t matter how long you spent. The most important thing is that you kept the roaches in check.

  • Ensure Your Home is Tidy

Anyone can bring in roaches to your home. You might mistakenly bring it from someone’s house. Or someone did.

A tidy home helps to limit the activities of roaches. It also makes it easier to keep cockroaches and their activities in check. Checking them early prevents infestation.

  • Ensure Your Kitchen is Tidy

Your kitchen area is one place that roaches will like to build their colony. They get what they want there. There is food, water and shelter. What more do roaches want? When your kitchen is untidy, it makes it easier for them to move in with you.

  • Cockroaches Should Not Move in With You

When you maintain a tidy house and inspect whatever come into your home, you’d keep cockroaches away from your home. Practice the above precautions. In time, it’ll become easier and come natural to you.

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