How to Stop Roaches From Coming Up the Drain

Cockroaches inside your drain is the last thing you will want to see. However, if it happened or you suspect so, you can stop the roaches from coming up your drain. We’ll show you how you’ll be able to do that.

Without further ado, here are the best tips on how to stop roaches from coming up the drain

Why is There Cockroaches in My Drain?

The first step in getting rid of roaches out of your drain is to know why they got there.

Cockroaches can get into the drain through broken pipes. They can also get into the drain when they find leftover food in the sink.

Since drains have the three needed conditions for the breeding of roaches – food, water and shelter – in a short while, an infestation happens. If there’s no action against the roaches, it can lead to an outbreak of infestation.

How to Stop Roaches From Coming Up the Drain

There are different things you can do to ensure that cockroaches stay away from drains.

Let’s see some ways you can keep your drain roach-free.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The state of your kitchen can also contribute to whether cockroaches will take residence in your drain.

Ensure that your kitchen is clean and neat at all times.

The following are some tips that can help you in keeping roaches out of your kitchen drains:

  • Keep your trash can away from the drains. Also make sure the trash can is tightly covered. Additionally, dispose of the trash on time.
  • Do not keep leftover food lying around in the kitchen.
  • Ensure the kitchen sink is clean especially at night. Since cockroaches are nocturnal insects, they’ll have a field day in your sink if it’s dirty.

Seal Cracks and Holes in Drain Pipes

Since cockroaches can get into the drains through cracks into the drain, blocking it will limit their entry to the drains.

With a flashlight, you can locate broken pipes.

If you can’t do this, get a plumber to do it.

Clean Up Your Drain

You can also clean up the drain to get rid of roaches. This method can be helpful. The logic is that if you starve them of what they’ll eat, they will die off.

There are kitchen drain cleaners that are approved by the EPA and other relevant authorities.

Occasionally clean your drains with an approved cleaner. This is important because there are thousands of myths out there about what you can pour inside your drain.

Cover Your Drains With a Plug at Night-time

If the roaches live inside your drain, they will come out the drain through the kitchen sink at night. Remember that cockroaches are nocturnal insects.

You can use a stopper to cover your kitchen sink. This will prevent them from entering your sink. The sink is the only opening to the drain from your kitchen.

If you do this continuously, they’ll die off. That’s assuming you followed the previous steps.

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How to Stop Roaches From Coming Up the Drain

What You Should Not Do

There are lots of myths over what you can do to prevent roaches from staying in your drain.

These are some of the most common ones.

Pour Bleach Down the Drain

Bleach can kill a cockroach almost immediately. Due to this, there have been some suggestions that pouring bleach down the drain can kill roaches. It might. But, bleaches contain chemicals that are harmful. When the bleach get to the drain, it release harmful fumes that is dangerous to your drainage system.

So, for whatever reason do not pour bleach into the drain.

Add Insecticides to the Drain

Insecticides might be a great option against cockroaches. But not inside the drains.

Insecticides in drains can find a way to get into water bodies. This is against EPA regulations.

Pour Essential Oils into the Drains

Some essential oils kill cockroaches. Others repel them. But essential oils are still oils. Pouring them down the drain can block your drain. This can cause more damages than what you were trying to solve.

Instead of clogging your drainage, get a professional to help you solve the cockroaches’ problem.

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Never Allow Cockroaches Get Close to Your Drain Again

Cockroaches might be stubborn insects but you can keep them out of your home. With professional advise and willpower, you’ll be able to stop roaches from staying in your drains.

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