How to use Bay Leaves to Eliminate Roaches

Bay leaves can repel and keep roaches away from your home but it does not kill roaches by themselves.

bay leaves produce a smell that roaches find irritating or offensive. The leaves either in their fresh or dry states are not crumbly, so they are kind of difficult to sweep off late. Be creative in your use of bay leaves to repel roaches.

Fresh bay leaves have more potency and bitter aroma that works to keep roaches away, although, their dried counterparts can retain their aroma for up to a year.

Bay leaves and Roaches

Roaches hate bay leaves because they cannot stand the scent released when bay leaves are crushed. Bay leaves are a natural remedy used when you want to repel roaches. It is a natural method used in repelling roaches from your home.

What do Bay leaves do to Roaches?

Bay leaves are a natural insect repellant and they can aid in keeping roaches away, although in the case of full-on infestation, using bay leaves may likely not be effective. You can either use bay leaves in their fresh form or their powdered form as long as their fragrance is kept intact.

Fresh bay leaves will repel roaches while dried bay leaves that have lost their scent cannot deter bugs. The trick is to keep the fragrance no matter what form of bay leaves you to want to use, either fresh or dried.

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Do Bay Leaves get rid of Cockroaches?

Bay leaves repel roaches only. It does not kill roaches, even peradventure roaches eat bay leaves it won’t kill cockroaches because bay leaves’ components aren’t poisonous to roaches. They only hate the smell given off by the leaves.

The only exception you can use bay leaves in killing roaches is if you suffocate the roaches using vapor from the fresh bay leaves. This is done by crushing the bay leaves and putting them in the same container covering them with leads.

Bay leaves when crushed will release some chemical components which when exposed to roaches in closed airtight areas will suffocate and end up killing the roaches.

If you consider the time it will take to trap and suffocate roaches, you will realize using bay leaves to kill roaches is not an effective way of killing them if you are looking for a permanent solution.

How to use Bay Leaves to Eliminate Roaches

Do Bay Leaves repel Cockroaches?

Yes. Bay leaves repel roaches due to the fragrance released when crushed. Roaches find the fragrance offensive and irritating. Sprinkling bay leaves around where you have noticed roach activities can repel and deter roaches from your home.

How to use Bay Leaves to repel Roaches?

You can use bay leaves to repel roaches by:

  • Scattering the leaves around the area you have noticed roach activities in your home, most especially food preparation and eating area.
  • Fill open containers or bowls with bay leaves and have them placed where needed. You can place a few in and under the garbage can, in your pantry and cupboards, underneath your sinks, even in your car if you have noticed roach activity in your as well.

Do Roaches hate Bay Leaves?

Yes. Roaches hate the smell of bay leaves. Bay leaves are a natural roach repellent either in their fresh or dried form so long as it retains their fragrance.

Is it Safe to use the bay leaf as a Roach Repellant?

It is safe to use bay leaves in getting rid of roaches and other insects because they are not poisonous to either humans or pets. However, it is wise to cut them into small pieces when using them indoors.

Bay leaves will not even soften if they are cooked, so it may cause choking hazards to your pets, so avoid throwing whole leaves around.

When using bay leaves for roaches, you should target the infested area and place the leaves there. Swallowing a bay leaf by your pet is pretty difficult because they are sharp and strong. Pets can easily get bay leaves stuck in their throats and start choking if they accidentally eat them because bay leaves have slippery surfaces.

If you have got roaches in your bedroom, get a few fresh bay leaves and place them in areas you will most likely see roaches.

How to use Bay Leaves to Repel Insects

Placing a bay leaf inside a bowl of dried rice or beans will deter ants or roaches from coming inside.

Sprinkling dried bay leaves in areas you have noticed insect activities and also in your garden can help deter insects from your home. Also burning bay leaves can help you out of your insect problems, additionally, the scent also helps you in releasing pressure.

Do Bay Leaves repel mosquitoes?

Yes, bay leaves repel mosquitoes. Bay leaves have a gentle, pleasant aroma, but insects like mosquitoes hate the aroma. Crush several bay leaves together and sprinkle them around areas where you have noticed mosquitoes and other insects.

Do Bay Leaves repel Weevils?

Bay leaves help in combating weevils; you can achieve this by leaving dry bay leaves inside cupboards or even placing them in your canister of flours, rice, etc. just remember to continuously switch out the leaves every few months. You can also fold dried bay leaves into clothing.

The use of bay leaves will enable you to get rid of weevils in your kitchens and food supply extremely fast. It repels weevils because bay leaves emit a strong tangy smell, so it is a natural repellent for small pests like roaches and organisms like weevils.

Best Bay Leaves Spray

Some best bay leaves spray include:

  • Artificial bay leaf spray in metallic gold
  • 23 bay leaf glitter spray white
  • Bay leaf spray stem
  • Antique silver glittered bay leaf spray

Are Bay Leaves Toxic to Roaches?

No. bay leaves are not toxic to roaches, the scent produced by roaches is not strong enough to kill roaches, it can only repel roaches not eliminate roaches.

Are Bay Leaves Poisonous to Humans and Dogs?

Bay leaves are not poisonous to either humans or dogs.

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