Is Termite Control Safe For Children

Is Termite Control Safe For Children & Pets? The safety of your pets and children is the first thought that comes to anyone that wants to purchase a pest control product. There is always a level of safety in the course of producing most of those products. Notwithstanding, all products have a level of risk for your pets and children. The most precious way to curb an infestation is to terminate it before one turns to a colony.

That is why is better you do not apply over-the-counter termite control products, they are either inactive or cause more harm to your pets and children— they don’t easily get dry. To be safe, you should make use of whatever product is recommended by an expert. Pest control experts have moved from applying a large number of liquid substances filled with high chemical contents to the use of portable and little use ones which are now more effective and fast than the previous products.

Pest control experts also concentrate mainly on inaccessible areas of your home, like behind pieces of furniture, beneath your cabinets, within your walls, etc.

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This ensures that your family and pets are protected from terrible occurrences. It is advised that you pick food crumbs and leftover, or spilled foods on your floor, and do place your meals in tightly covered containers. All these attract pests.

Is Termite Control Safe For Children

Getting Rid Of Drywood Termites

There are two types of termites, we have the subterranean termite, and dry wood termites, below are the best way to get rid of dry wood termites:

  • Spot Treatment

For finished or painted woods, the best way to stop termite infestation is to dig a 10-inch hole, you could make several of them, and apply termiticides to fight the dry wood termites. There would be a little resistance in the course of drilling, do take a stop when you reach this level. Afterward, you can cover the holes with a wood patch, to have an enclosure on the dug surface.

  • Essential Oils

All you need to do is to have at least 10 drops of any oil (neem or orange oil) of your choice mixed with a couple of drops from dish soap along with water (just two cups), properly shaken, before applied to areas infested by termites in your wood or other materials.

Ultimately, termites control is not safe for your pets and children, no matter the level of safety produced in them. It is the same ingestion by termites that makes them die. Hence, it is advised you apply these products to inaccessible areas in your home. And make use of whatever product a pretty control expert prescribes.

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