Advion Roach Gel Review

The Advion cockroach gel remains the best German Roach bait on the market. The Roach poison in advion, indoxicarb, is way safer for use in even the most sensitive application sites.

Reading various Advion roach gel reviews shows that when used in combination with cockroach traps, advion will eradicate all roach infestations in your home.

Advion Roach Gel Reviews

My home was invaded REAL BAD by these intruders. It was so bad and they were everywhere – my meals, purse, bed, garage. It was like I was a ROACH LADY or something.

Meanwhile I am the neatest person you’d ever meet but my neighbor is real nasty! I am positive they all came from there!

Enough was enough! I spoke to my gym instructor and he recommended this product to me. I decided to purchase it immediately on Amazon and it was delivered on same day.

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Once my product arrived, I saw it as weird at first. Why? Because I didn’t understand why I had to use syringes. However, once I figured it out, I used the 4 corner method in all of my rooms.

Guess what? These bugf##kers were dying real quick. Wow, no big bug spray could have achieved similar results. I have never seen so many cockroaches in my entire life.

It took them all 3 days to die. It’s been 5 months now and no single sign of a LIVING COCKROACH.


Advion Roach Gel Review

How Long Does It Take for Advion Roach Gel To Work

It takes two weeks in most cases.

Within the first seven days, you’d notice a quick decline in your cockroach infestation population. When used alongside other pest control system, Advion roach bait gel rids your home of all bugs within 2 weeks to 30 days.

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Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Instructions

We recommend applying 1-3 spots of ADVION per 10 linear feet for light to moderate infestations.

For medium and large scale infestations, you should apply a small thin bead that is less than 1/8” wide and approximately 2 inches long when a bead of ADVION cockroach gel bait is employed.

Is Advion Cockroach Gel safe for Kids and Pets?

If you have got pets such as cats or dogs in your home, beware of indoxacarb poisoning.

The primary indoxacarb cats and dogs poisoning symptioms are drooling, weakness, inability to stand and hypotaxis.

It might cause food poisoning in your kids when consumed.

If you notice any of these uncomfortable signs on your pet, please get it to the vet immediately. Due to Indoxacarb toxic properties, it can be dangerous and can harm the animals real bad.

To prevent human and pet poisoning, use the gel in inaccessible for kids and pet’s locations or leave them in a pet hotel for several days.

What do you think of our Advion Roach gel reviews? Did we do justice to the topic?

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