Harris Roach Tablets Review

Like you, I wanted to read some Harris Roach tablets review before purchasing this powerful roach killer.

So, I got it last week and couldn’t believe the result I saw. I have battled cockroaches since I moves to my new home 6 months ago and tried a bunch of sprays, diatomaceous earth, and even roach motels but NOTHING WORKED as these roaches have built immunity against these.

However, as I put these tablets within a couple of days, I began to see DEAD or DYING cockroaches on lying on their backs!!! Yippy! I was confident this product does what it says.



Great value for the money

96 tablets on each pack

It is EPA registered and is safe to use in homes with kids and pets

Cockroaches will drool at the site of this. This is because of the active ingredient – 40% boric acid.

It has no expiration date

It treats the root problem – the colony!

The roaches carry boric acid back to their nests to kill the whole infestation.

Simple to use in hidden areas, under cabinets, appliances and drawers.

Harris Roach Tablets Review

After reading many Harris Famous roach tablets reviews online and tried this for myself, I had to write a review to tell everyone THIS StuFF WORKS!!!

I noticed that American cockroaches attack full squad at summer time. I tried sticky traps but didn’t have much luck.


A friend recommended diatomaceous but I was skeptical as I didn’t want a powder mess around my pets or accidentally digest it. So, I figured out I’d give these tablets a short as I can hide them out of my dogs, cats, and kids reach but where cockroaches may find them.

In 48 hours I went from seeing 6 roaches per day to being roach free!! Now, the only cockroaches I find are dead ones behind the furniture. I did see some trying to hobble their way to freedom but it was near death so I simply finished it with my shoe.

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Harris Roach Tablets Review

Are Harris Roach Tablets Safe for Pets?

Yes! Harris Famous roach tablets are safe for use with pets, children and family. However, we recommend you apply it in areas where they will not have access.

Do Harris Roach Tablets Expire?

No! Harris roach tablets DO NOT expire but the company advises replacing every 1-2 year.

Besides, you can re-apply as needed, they will remain active for up to 2 years if they remain dry and free of contaminants, such as insecticide sprays and liquid.

Harris Roach Tablets Ingredients

The active ingredient in Harris cockroach tablet include 40% boric acid; other ingredients include flour, sugar and their unique formulated lure.

Dog Ate Harris Roach Tablets – What can I do?

The ingestion of Harris cockroach tablets does not typically threaten its health unless it is overly sensitive. It is safe to say that your dog will be just fine.

However, you should monitor for diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, excess tremors or drooling or lethargy.

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Harris Roach Tablets Instructions

To apply this strong roach killer, do the following:

  • Place 12 tablets or lesser per room in hidden locations
  • Place under and behind stove, refrigerator, washing machine, tubs, sinks, and dryer.
  • Place in crevices and cracks along baseboards and in corners of closets, cupboards, and cabinets.

How Does Harris Famous Roach Tablets Work?

Harris Roach Tablets uses a combination of Boric Acid with flour, sugar and an appropriate lure that creates food that bugs love to feed on.

It’s not only effective against roaches but also against silverfish, ants, and waterbugs.

Are Harris Roach Tablets safe?

Yes! Harris Roach tablets are safe to use at home with pet’s ad family. Just makes sure that you apply in areas where they will not have access.

What do you think of our Harris Roach Tablets review? Did we miss anything? Let us know below!

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