Bengal Gold Roach Spray Review

Like you, many homeowners are on the lookout for real and honest Bengal Gold Roach Spray Review. Guess what? You’ve just found one!

Bengal’s roach spray is designed to target and eliminate cockroaches instantly. Not only is it a quick fix, but it also keeps killing roaches for up to six months. The long-term action prevents future infestations in and around the home. We read through Amazon reviews and found that a large number of reviewers only needed to respray once every six to eight months.


  • Super effective
  • Rids your home of cockroach infestations


  • Utilizes harmful chemicals
  • Somewhat more expensive than other options


  • Kills and keep killing newer roaches for up to half a year
  • Dry spray formula
  • Controls infestations of other bugs and insects as well


  • Boasts of Nylar
  • Uniquely created to target cockroaches and bugs
  • Two cans containing 11 ounces each
  • The active ingredient used is permethrin

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Bengal Gold Roach Spray Review

The Bengal Gold Roach Spray makes use of the active ingredient “Permethrin” to control large bug infestations in homes in the US.

Many testers of this product found it to be unmatched when it comes to killing, preventing and controlling cockroaches from developing into an outbreak.

It also takes care of other colonizing insects such as beetles, mosquitoes, and ants. Since it is an easy aerosol can with a spray button, there is no need for any dilution formulas, attachments, or extra products.

  • Ease of Use

As earlier sated, the Bengal Cockroach spray comes in an easy, simple to use aerosol can. It does not require any attachment or the buying of extra products before use.

We recommend spraying in crevices such as s=behind sinks, baseboards, cabinets, refrigerators, and other areas you suspect bugs might be thriving.

You should also ensure you pay special attention to windows and doors where roaches may be able to make their way inside.

You can check other areas for holes and spaces where these nasty bugs might be able to find their way in. Bengal Gold Roach Spray can and will control roach populations for up to 6 months, but some reviewers noted the effectiveness for 5-8 months.

  • Materials/Ingredients

The core potent ingredient in Bengal Gold Roach Spray for bugs is permethrin. Permethrin is a typical and super effective insecticide.

Although the permethrin found in insect sprays is a synthetic man-made material, it closely mimics the natural chemicals that are in chrysanthemums.

So, how does it affect roaches and bugs?

Permethrin attacks insects or bugs that touch or ingest it as they crawl across a layer of it. Once contact is made, it begins to attack a cockroach nervous system, which then causes decreased ability to control muscles and eventually result in death of the bug.

Permethrin is the main active chemical that kills roaches. While it may not kill some immediately, Bengal Roach spray uses another active ingredient to ensure long-lasting effect.

That second ingredient is known as “Nylar”. Nylar is an insect growth regulator.

Bengal Gold Roach Spray Review

How does it work?

It works by preventing juvenile cockroaches from maturing into breeding adults. It also sterilizes cockroaches that have already grown to adulthood and can lay eggs. This keeps your home safe from newer infestations for months.

Bengal Gold Roach Spray is secure indoors when ensuing instructions appropriately.

  • Kills all Insect Types

Taurus SC may appear to offer more, although Bengal Gold Bug Spray is mainly created to target cockroaches; it has successfully eliminated and controlled many insect types.

Some of the bugs that this formula works against well include ants, centipedes, sowbugs, silverfish etc.

A lot of Amazon reviewers experienced great results on Amazon when they searched for – Bengal Roach sprays near me.

  • Infestation Control

Many insect sprays are majorly targeted at killing different insects on direct contact. While the sprays that kill on contact are perfect for dealing with the bugs in sight, they may still fail to tackle the problem at the root, which is the breeding colony.

Cockroaches and other colonizing insects keep their nests hidden and out of sight. A roach infestation will continue to thrive excellently as long as the nest is safe.

Bengal Gold Bug Spray utilizes a dry formula that has broken the limitation of general bug sprays. It also creates a barrier and infects roaches with mylar, a growth inhibitor that prevents insects from breeding. This way, the entire colony is affected and eradicated.

Bengal Gold Roach Spray has many stellar reviews on Amazon.

Is Bengal Roach Spray Harmful to Humans?

Bengal Gold Roach is not harmful to humans as long as you follow instructions appropriately. The makers of this product advises people slip on a face mask when spraying to prevent inhalation.

Be wise by ensuring all kids, adults, and pets are out of the room before you spray.

After spray and some minutes/hours, wait for the formula to dry before re-entering the room. Ensure the room is well ventilated, and there are no longer any fumes.

Is Bengal Roach Spray Safe for Pets?

Bengal Roach spray is safe for pets when you follow the directions carefully. You should make sure your pets, kids, and other humans are out of the room before spraying.

Also, wear a face mask to prevent inhalation so you don’t catch a catarrh.

Note: Some pets may be more sensitive to this bug spray than others. So, always read and carefully follow all of the safety instruction provided by the company.

Users suggested leaving the room for several hours to allow the spray to dry and any fumes to completely dissipate.

How Long Does it take for Bengal Roach Spray to Dry?

Depending on the quantity sprayed, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours.

Does Bengal Roach Spray Work Well?

The crazy amount of reviews this product has amassed shows it does what the description says. Many reviewers on Amazon and eBay do certify Bengal as their g-to pesticide for ant and roach problems.

While this is not the cheapest insect spray out there, many users say that the quality is worth it. Some even reported the spray kept on going for 8 months.

Some also stated that the need to reapply only came up about once every eight months.

How to Apply Bengal Gold Cockroach Spray

First, you need to put on a face mask to prevent any occurrence of inhalation. Next, is to make sure the room is clear of all pets and persons.

You can spray in any crevices where cockroaches might love to hide such as behind cabinets, around doors, behind counters, baseboards, and ins storage areas.

The spray will go deep into cracks, so there is no need to buy an extra extension tube. Once you’re done spraying, leave the room and allow the product to dry up (takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on how much you sprayed) before re-entering.

Ensure the room is well ventilated to help you with this process.

Although this spray is said to dry fast, there could still be some really messy residue if you’ve used too many. But, the product will clear away quickly if so.

Now, you should monitor the treated areas from time to time to determine if you see fewer pests. You can also retreat every four weeks, but a lot of reviewers found that the spray killed off bugs much longer than the recommended time.

Bengal Gold Roach Spray Vs. Raid Ant and Roach Killer

Both Raid roach and Bengal sprays are effective at combating bug infestations, but they are two distinct brands and their product lines, compositions and strengths do vary.

First, Raid typically costs less than Bengal but is only effective for four weeks, while Bengal Gold has been effective for the past six months.

Many reviewers also added that the Raid Ant and Roach killer was the most effective when used to kill on contact rather than as a long-term infestation control method.

Bengal Gold Roach Spray Vs. Hot Shot Ant, Roach, and Spider Killer

Like Gold Roach Spray, Hot Shot Ant, Roach, and Spider Killer is most effective against ants and roaches.

Hot Shot can be used both outdoor and indoor even around homes and other buildings too. The Hot Shot formula is available in a lemon scent too.

Bengal formula makes it last for up to six months while Hot Shot lasts for up to 3 months.

A lot of users feel that Hot Shot is perfect for killing visible insects on contact rather than long term infestation control.

Bengal Gold Roach Spray Vs. Harris Roach Killer

Harris Roach Killer lasts up to 12 months and is effective against the prevention and eradication of roaches. Like Bengal Gold Spray, this product is recommended for indoor use around crevices and cracks where roaches love to party.

Not only effective against roaches, Harris Roach killer can be used to prevent and kill plenty insects such as ladybugs, ants, centipedes, palmetto bugs, pillbugs, crickets, silverfish, crickets, boxelder bugs, and stink bugs.

Many users felt both products were incredibly easy to use and got noticeable results within a short amount of time.

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