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  • Black Flag 11020 511086 Roach Motel Insect Trap, 2 count – Best Roach motel Traps

This roach motel trap smells like maple syrup, is simple and made out of cardboard/paper material. It doesn’t cost much and gets the job done.

In the past, I have tried rodent/insect repellents especially ones that plug into the wall but they don’t deal with my infestation that much. Also, I tried roach baits that poison the cockroaches so they die out in the open.

Those were pretty messy, as you’d need to clean up dead cockroaches on a daily basis and do not need to work with all cockroaches (some of my cockroaches were making the poison trap their secret hideout space).

The cockroach motel trap works and you need not clean up dead cockroaches all the time. Simply throw out the box as soon as you become tired of looking at a box filled with dying and dead roaches.


It works against varieties of bugs such as: Spiders, Waterbugs, Crickets, Scorpions, and Palmetto bugs

It conceals dead insects well. Simply throw trap away when full

It features a unique lure that attracts cockroaches into the trap, where they become stuck to the sticky surface

They offer a money back guarantee.

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Black Flag Roach Motel Review

  • Black Flag 61009 Roach Motel Review – Top alternative to Raid motel Reviews

I and my husband tried this today and we’ve been able to catch ten roaches so far. It has been 48 hours since we tried them.

These roach traps are nothing like I have seen, they are made of thin cardboard and are way bigger. The size is about the length of my hand laying flat, but my hands are super small.

At first, I thought the parts of the roach trap were missing because it just looks like an empty box, but there are gum strips inside that catches the bugs and holds them.

You can check what’s inside them to see if you want but the roaches won’t escape or run when caught.


It is free from pesticide

Safe for children

Trap works best for roaches and bugs

This also catches palmetto bugs, scorpions, and water bugs

It can control light to medium infestations in your home

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