Bulbhead Roach Doctor Review

Bulbhead roach doctor is a gel formula used to attract and eliminating roaches in your home and workplace.

Does it do what it says? Well, here is my Bulbhead Roach Doctor Review!

About Roach Doctor

Roach Doctor is a super effective roach bait that lures cockroaches and then wipes out their whole colony.


No harmful fumes

It rids your surrounding of roaches fast

Easy to use (simply apply gel to spots where cockroaches hide)

Attract cockroaches and wipes out the whole colony

Works on American roaches, German cockroaches and almost all roach species

You save more $$$


The price of two tubes of Roach Doctor is less than $30.

Each tube of Roach Doctor is enough to cover 100 feet.

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Bulbhead Roach Doctor Review

Any home owner or tenant who have battled with cockroach infestation knows the struggle that comes with managing the situation yourself or hiring a professional.

The issue with managing the situation yourself can prove hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. The issues with calling a pro, is that they might bill you heavy depending on your infestation level.

In either case, it is possible that a pesticide will be used that I don’t really want to be exposed to.

Bulbhead Roach Doctor Review

With Roach Doctor, you enjoy a gel-filled syringe that allows you place drops in areas you most likely encounter roaches. Cockroaches are attracted to the Roach Doctor killer bait, once they feed on it, they also take some to the rest of their colony.

Once there, other cockroaches will be affected by the gel and soon die off. For about 3 days, you may continue to encounter dying cockroaches shuffling about on the floor, but ultimately you’d discover your roach population dwindling down slowly.

It’s a super effective method of cockroach control.

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One primary concern many Roach doctor cockroach gel reviewers have noted is that, roaches could track the gel across silverware, cutlery, or even food, so you will need to exercise care where you place it.

When I’ve used similar gels in the past, I placed it away from my kitchen, such as around the living room, garage, baseboards, etc.

Although the brand say that “proprietary” formula, it is almost completely similar to other syringe gels you’d see in the market. You need not have many gels in each tube, but a little quantity will go a long way.

Roach Doctor Cockroach Gel Alternatives

There are lots of competing roach gels on Amazon, home depot and lowes. Some are rated well and others are rated not so much.

Roach Doctor Ingredients

Roach doc contains the following ingredients:

  • Fipronil.
  • Hydramethylnon.
  • Indoxacarb.

Does The Roach Doctor Really Work?

Yes, it does work. Take it from someone that has actually tested and tried this product.

Have you used Roach Doctor or something like it? Tell me what you think of Bulbhead roach doctor in the comments below.

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