How Can Cockroaches Survive in a Microwave? LEARN MORE

Because cockroaches can survive high radiation impact like nuclear explosions, they can survice microwave radiation too.

How Can Cockroaches Survive in a Microwave?

The slower cell cycle and simple body design lets roaches survive the temperature in a microwave/

That means, cockroaches can tolerate the heat emitted by a microwave but not high levels of heat energy caused by direct contact with a burning fire. There is a reason these bugs have survived for more than 200 million years, you know.

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Roaches have the ability to withstand extreme exposure because of its body design. It’s cells are a wonder to study and it takes 48 hours during 7 days to ionize the radiation from the microwave. So, rather than do damage, the heat from the microwave helps their body.

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How Can Cockroaches Survive in a Microwave

How then do they Survive the Heat?

The blind spot under the bottom of the microwave plates lets roaches evade the heats. Once you turn the microwave on, roaches will go underneath that plate and hide safely inside it.

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Being under the plate means that the roaches will not get any heat on its body. It’s cells are slow at processing too so if heat did manage to get on it from the microwave, it will do almost no damage.

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