Can Dubia Roaches Infest Your House

So, let me guess, you are probably thinking right now – My Dubia roaches escaped, how can I fix that?

Well, if you have condensation, leaks, or food available, your Dubai cockroaches find it in an effort to say alive. You should keep access to hydration and food under tight control, dog food left out can feed them well enough as will small amounts of condensation on a window pipe or sill they can get to.

My Dubia roaches escaped – Will I get infested?

The roaches will die off in no time at all. Remember, that they are tropical bugs and cannot survive if the proper humidity and temperature is not provided. Neither can they reproduce.

They do however have a long life span. So, escaped dubia cockroaches can still manage to live around in some time. Their favorite place to hide when they escape is your bathroom.

How to Get Rid of Dubia Roaches?

To get rid of dubia roaches, you should put out as many traps as you can afford, and get rid of access to water and food, and that should fix the problem in a couple of months (assuming the escaped roaches are mostly males.). It’s another level for females.

For nymphs that are newly born, it can take some time for them to die off even with no or little access to hydration. You can quicken things up with a dehumidifier, dry topical roaches non-living tropical roaches.

Can Dubia Roaches Infest your House?

Let me guess, you were cleaning their tub out or wanted to feed your pet and now these roaches got away?

Usually, it is not hard to locate these roaches as they are generally found in the bathroom because it is smaller room so it maintains the humidity and warmth as a result of the showering.

No matter how long, they eventually die off.

Normally, I keep my home temperature above 75 and they still eventually die off. I guess they also need companionship to survive – since one cannot reproduce with another plus they can cuddle if they find themselves in a colder condition.

In most cases, even if hundreds broke free in your home, you will find them here and there dead later, with no infestation problem.

The thought of these bugs breaking out and infesting your home is scary no doubt, but I pretty much believe this cannot happen.

Can Dubia Roaches Infest Your House

I have Picked up some Escapees after several days – Should I put them Back?

I recommend putting back any you find under 24 hours in their tub but any found longer than that should not be put back.


Because you have no idea where they have gone too while roaming uour home and you don’t want to add them and make others sick. However, if you want to add them back and keep them separated for a while then we recommend quarantining them in a separate tub for a while until you are convinced they are fine.

Will Dubia roaches breed at room temperature?

Typically, Dubia roaches breed between 24-32 degrees, anything lower than that will result in slower breeding.

How Long Can Dubia Roaches live without Food?

Well, it depends. Dubia roaches only eat fruits and veggies so if they can’t find enough. They won’t survive for long or mate either.

So, can Dubia roaches infest your house? No, they cannot.


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