I found a Cockroach In Toilet Bowl, What to do!

Cockroach In Toilet Bowl

Cockroaches paying a visit to some obscure and strange places in your house is based on the fact that they have initially gained entry from one of the available openings at your entrance. It could even be due to some unclean activities in the house. Leaving dirty dishes unwashed for a long time, not getting rid of food scrumps on the floor.

The kitchen drainage, bathroom sink, bathtub, toilet bowl, and other places are not left out. Just one place would have got them, your toilet door. It might be filled with narrow openings but wide enough to penetrate roach. Most times, when they stay in the toilet bowl, you find them in the corners of the bowl, places under the seat, particularly.

Is it Normal for Cockroach In Toilet Bowl?

Roaches cannot climb your toilet from the bottom, where the water seats, up to the edges situated under the seat. This is because they do not have gills or swimming organs that can make that possible; they only came into the toilet via an opening on your toilet door.

You might be able to flush them down after making use of the toilet, but you will also need to have it at the back of your mind that roaches are capable of holding their breath for half an hour. In the process, they could find a means of escape. On the other hand, they are unfit to remain under the seat for a long time since it regularly carries out a series of taxes.

Causes Of Roaches In A Toilet Bowl

There are several reasons for the staying of roaches in a toilet bowl, but one of the common causes is the spilled poo and urine around the toilet seats. Sometimes on the inner sides of the toilet, while it can be because your toilet is dirty. Regularly used, but not properly washed.

Using old and weakened brushes to clean your toilet would not let the spilled urine or poop leave properly. The spills cause is the unconsciousness of men and guys who are drunk or children who might not direct their genitals right to the cause.

They even go ahead of spilling it on the toilet floor, and roaches are attracted to dirt and such activities. Except you thoroughly clean every nooks and cranny, they will not cease to pay visits to your toilet bowl and the entirety of the toilet itself.

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How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Toilet Bowl?

To reduce or get rid of roaches in the toilet bowl, you can first flush your toilet by correctly applying heated water all over the place. Ensure the hot water gets in contact with every corner and hidden places in the toilet. You can even ensure that the boiling water intentionally spills over the toilet’s floor.

Then, you can blend a gallon of water with a cup of bleach to wash the entire restroom, the tiles, corners, and mats. Go ahead by allowing a toilet bowl cleaner to do her job within the seat. A well-scented cleaner will be preferable because its smell will deter them from ever coming close to the restroom or the toilet edges and corners themselves.

Cockroach In Toilet Bowl

Can You Flush A Cockroach Down The Toilet?

Yes, you can flush a cockroach down the toilet, but you need to be sure that it is completely dead before you do that. As you know, perhaps, you don’t; roaches are capable of holding their breath for an extended period. So they may make it to the sewer without giving up the ghost.

Their eggs are not exempted as well. Cockroaches’ eggs are wrapped in a silky and slippery natural material which helps to prevent them from attacks and harm. Therefore, if you are not killing them before flushing them down your toilet, they will end up breeding up and infesting your toilet and the house entirely.

What Happens If You Flush A Cockroach Down The Toilet?

Flushing a cockroach down your toilet will take it into the deep chambers of your sewer. It is a place beyond pipes’ reach, making it rare to make it back to the top. The force from the flushing shoots it into the extreme places of your sewer. It is most likely it mounts the water trap back to the toilet’s pipes. On a higher odd, meeting such roach on the seat or the corners below is impossible.

It will not die while in the sewer because you know they fall so deeply in love with dark places, dirty and stinking arenas, of which you have just taken it to. Hence, you just found it a new abode to have a good time, lay eggs, breed, and have lots of fun-filled and a great time with excreta and any other disposed material. It is a flushed roach that likely gets to meet others in the sewer; the league then gets more potent. Over time, they will find their way up.

Why Are There Roaches In My Toilet?

Roaches are in your toilet, perhaps, because it is dirty with urine spilled all over the seat and even the floor. On the other hand, because they love moisture, which is why you meet them in kitchen drains, bathtubs, and the likes.

They are in your toilet because there is a stable source of food and water. Some opened spaces on your toilet and bathroom doors are entry points for them. Leakages on some pipes in these areas are another magnetic field to roaches.

Can Cockroaches Come Up Through The Toilet?

No, they cannot. Research and practical research have shown that it is uneasy for roaches to drown in water because they can hold their breath in the water; in the process, a way of escaping water-caused death is inevitable.

Nevertheless, they do not have the prowess of swimming, no gills or organs ideal for causing a dive in water are also possessed. It becomes double-edged if your plumbing system is made up of elbow joints.

In particular, the water trap will be complex for them to climb up to the line. A wide range of the new generation-era toilets is made with these features, thereby guarding you off such activity.

Can I Flush Cockroach Eggs Down The Toilet?

There is no trail when you flush cockroach eggs down the toilet; all of them go down the toilet, straight up to the sewer. Notwithstanding, not all the eggs will be killed due to this action.

A slippery material is always around the outer body of each roach eggs; hence, unless these eggs are thoroughly smashed and killed before flushing them down the toilet, they might end up breaking out the shell and breeding in their numbers. A little bit of maturity comes in no distant time, and the way is found up the pipe for entry into your house.

How To Pick Up A Dead Cockroach

To pick a dead cockroach, ensure you use a disposable glove, toilet paper, or a paper towel. Else, do not dare to pick them. Both dead and living roaches are carriers of diseases that can affect humans. Making use of your hands will leave residuals of infections, which could end up affecting your health even if you make use of the best detergent.