cockroach poop

For people who have often wondered what cockroach poop pictures look like, we welcome you here.

Fear of roach infestation have made many homeowners be on the lookout for cockroach droppings. While this is certainly not a great hobby; it’s a necessity that can help you ward off disease, infestation and save you hundreds of dollars.


By finding roach droppings, you know where they chill and congregate at. You’ll also learn where they’re getting their water and meals, offering you the upper hand in the battle against this perky bugs.

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How To Identify Roach Poop with Pictures, Images or Pics

Roach droppings are simple to spot, making them one of the most popular ways roaches are identified. Smaller roaches leave behind brown or black specs which varies in appearance from coarse coffee grains to finely ground black pepper.

cockroach poop
roach droppings

They can also look like black or brown fecal stains, or even as a dark ink, depending on the roach and the surface. These stains also look like smears and are sometimes raised.

Larger roaches leave behind feces that are shaped like cylinders. This waste color depends on the species pooping too. However, it is mostly brown or black. The droppings from these larger roaches have ridges running the length of the feces, from tip to top.

Cockroach poop vs Mouse Poop or Droppings

Although roach and mice droppings look alike, roach feces have ridges while mice/mouse don’t. Plus, mouse droppings are a bit larger and often have short hairs in them.

cockroach poop vs Mouse Poop
Mouse Droppings

Smaller roach breeds such as brown-banded cockroaches or German cockroaches can be found in most homes in America. Larger roaches include American cockroaches, smoky brown cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches.

Both are large types of cockroaches. Young roaches from the smaller species will leave the smallest droppings behind, which are often referred to as specs while the Young roaches from the larger cockroach species will still leave cylindrical, ridged feces behind. They’ll just be smaller than the adult droppings, which can be as large as a grain of rice.

Where to Look For Cockroach Poop

Look around you! Cockroaches defecate everywhere they go. They do not do their business at a particular spot like humans do.

They love to defecate near their nesting, food sources or areas of meeting. The problem with this is that their food sources are often near (or in) you, yours, your food will get contaminated and disease can spread quick.

Cockroach feces are situated in all places you can find roaches. If you’ve seen one run underneath the bed, or behind a picture on the wall, you’ll most likely find more with their droppings in there as well.

Some typical places to find cockroach droppings include:

Openings or cracks in the floors, structure or walls

On top of shelves, doors, cabinets, and other high places offering peace and hidden passage

Inside of cabinets, key holes, pantries, drawers and other food storage areas

Children’s toy chests, playpens and anything else that little kids may touch.

Behind and underneath stoves, washers, sinks, dryers and refrigerators

In storage areas, especially with organic storage materials, such as papers and cardboard boxes

Why You Should Look for Roach Droppings

Cockroach excrete have proven to increase the chances and seriousness of asthma and are well accepted by the EPA as asthma triggers. The feces also carry potency to the telltale musty odor of a cockroach infestation.

Aside that, you wouldn’t want your kids and pets rubbing roach all over themselves or even tasting it, would you?

Lastly, roach droppings will only attract more bugs to your home. A roach dropping contains an aggregation pheromone in roach feces. This is like a “batman-sign” for roaches, calling them to gather together.

Many pest management professionals use this knowledge to their advantage.


They place roach bait in strategic areas near cock-roach feces so that more roaches will come into contact with the poison. The more they respond to to the natural attractant pheromone left behind by other roaches, the more they die.

How To Get Rid Of Roach Droppings

  • Vacuum up any loose droppings from the surface.

We recommend using a vacuum that has HEPA filter so you can prevent any airborne contamination.

  • Once finished, ensure you dispose of the vacuum’s contents quick, keeping sanitation in mind.
  • Wipe the surface

Here, you need to use hot, soapy water to wipe down the surfaces. If present, get rid of as much staining and smears as possible.

This not only gets rid of any unsightly roach feces, but also the musty attractant pheromones and odor. Yes, this will take a thorough search followed by some real ‟down and dirty” cleaning methods. Not to mention that roaches also travel and defecate inside of your walls. So, even if you find and clean all of the cockroach waste in your home, there are likely still areas of the infestation that you can’t see, reach or clean.

Does Roach Feces Have a Smell?

Yes, cockroach feces stinks, a lot. It features an acrid, oily odor, but what your nose smells is only a small part.

Odor from roach droppings give a signal for other roaches around to come to the poop’s location. It serves as a trail that helps them find themselves.

Can Cockroach Droppings Make You Sick?

Yes, roach poop can and will make you sick. Chances are even higher if you are allergic to roaches.

Cockroach poop (and shed skin) is made up of proteins that triggers allergies and asthma attacks in some cases. They may even make children develop asthma. These proteins can remain in your home even longer than the feces themselves, remaining harmful for years even after the roaches have been exterminated.

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