Do Termites Eat Pressure Treated Wood

Even though your woods are pressure-treated termites can still affect them with utmost infestation. The treatment on such woods lasts for as least 7-years, afterwards, it becomes accessible by termites.

The treatment is usually made to resist insects, and it is mostly applied more in the inner chamber of the wood, as the outer part is not excluded. But once the 10 years max., lapses, termites get to engage an attack from the outer region. With consistency, they create holes all over till they find their way through to the untreated part till the entirety is damaged.

The fact that your deck is made with pressure-treated wood does not mean it is completely safe from termites. Pressurized wood varies from one another, but the key factor is that all of them  dampened when they are closely contacted with water. The water helps create moisture, and moisture drives the attention of termites beyond imagination. Regular precautions are to be taken to avoid any further damage to your wood.

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What Is a Pressure-treated Wood?

Any wood that is made with a chemical that is meant to prevent it from insects is mostly called pressure-treated wood. This process serves as a thorough treatment for the wood. The wood is made to be deepened into a tank containing the chemical, as pressure is effectively applied on the wood, drained, and used for other wood till it goes round enough. It creates an anti-termite house on the wood.

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Do Termites Eat Pressure-treated Wood

Where Is Pressure-treated Wood Used?

Some countries make use of this kind of wood for interior pieces of furniture, making picnic benches, outdoor items, and lots more. The only thing you need to avoid direct contact with the soil, and completely prevent moisture around the wood.

Pressure-treated wood is not safe from termites, they are weakened by moisture, and this attracts termites a lot. Damage is caused to the wood until it goes beyond reach.

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