How Did Termites Get Into My House Plus FIX

How Did Termites Get Into My House? One of the easiest way termites could get in your house in the first place, is through a wood-to-earth meeting, making your supports, doorframes, porch steps, and deck post, inclusive. They can also gain access through the brick mortar with cracks, and splittings in the foundation, and on rare occasions, the spaces in concretized blocks are enough for them to tour to the depth of the foundation and its walls.

How Do Termites Spread?

After termites might have infested a wood, they make a structure that engages cellulose which makes them spread fast. A colony of termites eats at least, a pound of wood daily. They are capable of making damages that might not be easily noticed until they might have eaten so deeply.

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A colony of termites rages between hundreds of thousands of them, while, a queen termite can, on a maximum, produce 30,000 eggs per day. They expand their tentacles by engaging through cracked walls, underground mud tubes, and when they are in search of places to set a new set of colonies.

How Did Termites Get Into My House

Dangers Of Termites Spreading?

You might not easily notice the spread of termites in your house, because they do not have a quick display in their cradle. Research has shown that they damage up to $5 billion worth of properties a year in the U.S. A statistic that is greater than that of natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, and the like.

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However, your neighbour having termite infestation does not mean you do too. But to be safe and secure. You ought to take preventive measures like consulting a pest control expert and avoiding moisture, junk, etc. around your house. The dangers of termites spreading are not something you want to experience. Be safe.

Conclusively, termites can gain easy access into your house, if you have a wood-to-earth contact amongst your door frames, windows, and other important places in your house. You will need to keep every clean and void of moisture to prevent a colony of termites in your house. Once they exit, they are capable of destroying high-valued goods. Be preventive.

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