Can Salt Kill Termites

Termites are a huge problem for homeowners because they can quickly infest a home and cause significant damage.

For this reason, there are many different types of treatments you can use to try and get rid of termites, but can salt kill termites? You might be surprised!

What is Salt?

Salt is a natural mineral composed of sodium chloride. Salt is known for its use in seasoning foods, but it also has many other uses.

The most common use of salt is as a food preservative. In the United States, over 85% of the salt produced is used to preserve food.

Can Salt Kill Termites?

Termites need water in order to survive, but there are ways to kill them without using harsh chemicals.

If you have a termite infestation, try sprinkling table salt over the top of the nest or in areas where you see them walking.

Termites will lick the salt from the ground and then die of dehydration. You can mix with sugar for more effect.

Salt can also be used as a long-term solution for stopping termite damage. In areas where termites are known to exist, sprinkle salt on any trees or plants that are showing signs of damage.

Termites won’t cross over salt lines because it’s too dry for them to live in this area.

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Where can I buy Salt?

Salt can be found in grocery stores or at hardware stores. You will need to purchase large bags of salt because termites don’t eat much.

Mix equal parts of salt and sugar and sprinkle the mixture around your home. This should be done in an area that is high termite activity.

How does Salt kill Termites?

Salt kills termites by dehydrating them. Termites need a lot of moisture in order to survive, so when they come across the salt, which is 95% sodium chloride, it dries them out.

They then die from water loss. Salt can be used to kill termites because it’s the cheapest substance that has this desired effect.

Salt isn’t perfect, though. It only kills surface-dwelling termites, and it’s less effective against dry wood and damp wood termites.

The effectiveness of salt also depends on the concentration of salt and the type of wood on which the termites reside.

Salt kills ants too!

Ants may be the sworn enemy of most homeowners, but ants aren’t the only pests that salt is effective against.

If you have termites, salt can kill them too. Salt’s corrosive properties cause damage to a termite colony’s central chamber, which can lead to the death of all its inhabitants.

Is Salt Effective against Termites?

Yes. Salt is often used as a solution to termite problems.

It’s difficult to control how much salt is placed around the house because it can be blown away or washed away.

In addition, salt doesn’t get deep into cracks and crevices where termites are more likely to be found.

However, salt does help keep back ants and other insects that will eat the honeydew that termites produce. The use of salt around the foundation of your home is a good preventive measure.

Can Epsom Salt Kill Termites?

Epsom salt is a salt that has high concentrations of magnesium. The magnesium in Epsom salt reacts with the soil and kills termites by destroying their exoskeletons.

This type of treatment will also not harm plant life, unlike most other types of pesticides.

Can Salt Water kill Termites?

Termiticide is a pesticide formulated to kill termites. It’s mixed with water and sprayed into the ground, where termites feed.

Saltwater kills termites, but it has to be mixed with a termiticide to do the job.

Can Salt Kill Termites?

Termites are often attracted to the moisture in our homes and they will invade when they find a leak in pipes, gaps in the siding, or any other place that is not sealed. Salt can be used to kill termites by soaking them with saltwater or sprinkling salt on their trails.

How does Rock Salt kill Termites?

Rock salt will not kill termites when it’s dry, but if they ingest it while they’re still damp, then the salt will cause them to excrete water. Soaking the termites in salty water can also kill them.


Termites feed off of wood, so the salt will not kill them. It is also not recommended to put salt in or near your home because you can hurt your plants and it could lead to other problems.

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