Egyptian Cockroaches – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

The Egyptian cockroach is one of the several species of roaches that is native to Maltese Islands.

Egyptian Cockroaches

The females and males of the Egyptian roach are very different from each other and it is fairly normal for assuming that they are two different species.

The meal appears like a black American cockroach (wirdiena hamra) that is more familiar and common, while the female looks like a wingless black beetle.

The Egyptian roaches live very close to humans and are sort of dependent on them. In fact, if you travel down to Egypt, it is normal to come across these bugs.

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However, a lot of people hardly ever see them. In Maltese, it is called Wirdiena sewda, but the female and make are often called soru (nun) and patri (monk) respectively.

The Egyptian roaches are situated in the Mediterranean, mostly along the southern shores. It loves environments that are both warm and moist such as cellars, and caves, where it can fund loads of organic and debris materials to much on.

Egyptian Cockroaches

In coastal areas, it prefers to reside in coastal area but on a small Island like Malta, there would probably be not much difference in the amount of roaches present between coastal areas and the central parts of the Island.

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30 or so species live very close to humans, but of these, about 4 can be considered as pests.

Around 4,000 species of roaches have been recorded globally. Many live in tropical areas and feed on rottening leaves and wood and are crucial parts of the ecosystem as they help convert organic matter into nutrients.

Other species such as the American cockroaches often turn into pests in countries/cities where they are not native to. Despite its name, this roach is native to Africa.

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It crossed the shores via slave ships and in the past it was generally related to slaves. It has now travelled to other parts of the world and has become a cosmopolitan species.

Do Egyptian Cockroaches eat Concrete?

No, they don’t. They rather feed on organic droppings on floors.

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