How Can I Prevent Termites from Eating Wood/Coming Back?

Termites reduction can be made if you following any of these steps. They have been tested, shown fast subsidy, and trusted.:

There will always be a problem with termites if there are woods that have direct contact with the ground. it creates a space for them to simply eat. find a place of abode, moisturize, and also have free access into any built construction. Doors, window frames, and wood siding are advised to be 6″ higher than the ground, in minimum.

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Pressure-treated wood is not left out as well. They can be vulnerable if cracks and little cut edges are in them. Termites gain access through such places. Stairs or poles fixed with concrete, are also included. They easily penetrate the soil through this route.

  • Avoid Moisture Near The Foundation

Keep the foundation away from moisture. Moisture attracts termites a lot, and in no distant time with they find their way to the moistured soil. A proper drainage system, splash blocks, and downspouts should all be in place to keep water away from the foundation. While air-conditioning units, leaking faucets ought to be in their best state.

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How Can I Prevent Termites

  • Do Not Store Firewood Inside Crawlspace

Items like lumber, newspapers, firewood, cardboard, and other likened materials serve as sources of food to termites. And routined roots should be removed near the foundation of your building.

  • Always Consult a Pest Control Professional

Most buildings have a lot of openings after construction, consulting a pest control expert will help you create a barricade to all of those entries. The expert will do well by providing the right pesticide for every area. You can even go ahead by subscribing to the annual renewal package, where the company will own the full responsibility of retreating an area that has already been properly treated but resulted in an infestation.

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Now, you have a complete guide on keeping your office or home away from termites. Take heed to any of these, and I promise you a termite-free surrounding. I hope this article was helpful?

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