My Home Has Termites, How Do I Get Rid Of Them

The best way to stop termite infestation in homes  is by making use  of termiticides  at the exterior parts of your home, while you use the baits for walls and floors. Spray boric is not bad as well. There are several other ways, DIY, particularly, to get rid of termites in your home, but before dishing that out, I would say you need to contact a pest control expert who has vast knowledge about the signs of their existence, the best product to curb them and how to protect your structure.

How To Get Rid Of Termites

You can put an end to termites by doing or using any of these:

  • Termites Barricade

Based on the state you reside in, you might be able to get either Taurus SC and Termidor SC. They are conventional termites treatment that is meant to be applied to the exterior sphere of your home. This is because they serve as the base, which is a wood-to-earth meeting point for most of your door frames windows and a few others.

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This product is not easily detected. They can’t be detected. Hence, one of them just needs to have an ingested contact with the product and the whole colony is dead. The one who gets it contacted is not affected until he gets to others, shares the substance with them (because it is ), and within a few minutes, they all turn to football players against a bucket.

  • Direct Chemicals

If not longer, these chemicals take up to 30 days before it goes inactive. All you need do is to sight any crack, crevices,  or voids (because these are there hidden places often), apply the smell-free foam called Termidor, as it creates evaporation that leaves some poisonous residues behind for termites to contact before they cross the bridge to eternal rest.

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  • Beneficial Nematodes

An applied mixture of nematodes, cold water, soil on the edges of your home. Nematodes, especially, serve as natural parasites for a lot of garden pests. They discharge symbiotic bacteria into the termites’ blood when taken, and kills them in a couple of days.

Above all, a pest control expert will give you the best solution to termite infestation in your home. These few solutions, which have been listed above are proven ways to get rid of termite in your home. I hope you found this article helpful?

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