How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches

Cockroaches can be quite disturbing. Due to their penchant for causing nuisance, few people will want them around.

There are different species of roaches. The wood roaches is one of such species.

They are also sometimes called the accidental invader. As the name implies, they live in the woods. There they eat rotten leaves and wood, decaying matters and anything they find in timbered areas. They are native to North America.

Sometimes you might find them in your home when they bump into your home.

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How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches in the House

You need not worry about an infestation of wood roaches if you live outside the woods.

Supposing you find wood roaches in your home, you’d want to do something about it. You’ll see different ways to get rid of wood roaches if they stumble into your home.

Before you decide to do anything about wood roaches, understand that except in the rare of cases, wood roaches will not take residence in your home. Maybe a famine will cause them to. Thus, solutions like using insecticides might not be required. They likely will leave themselves if you show them the way out.

  • Seal cracks in your home. This will prevent not just wood roaches but other insects from entering your home.
  • Carry few firewood inside your home. Wood roaches can disguise within wood. The more a wood infested with wood roaches stay in your home, the greater chances of wood roaches moving about your home.
  • Reduce light usage especially at night. Light attracts male wood roaches.
  • Discard them using vacuum cleaner or a broom.
  • Remove rotten leaves from inside your home.
  • Use traps like sticky traps to catch them. Avoid using poisoned baits.
  • Discard your trash can on time. Also, check for activities of wood roaches around the trash can.

How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches

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Are Wood Roaches Dangerous?

Wood roaches are not as dangerous as other species of cockroaches.

Some experts on household pests do not think wood roaches are a carrier of diseases. That does not mean you should treat them as harmless creatures.

The chances of them causing harm is greatly reduced considering that wood roaches don’t live inside a human home.

Do Wood Roaches Bite?

Wood roaches like most cockroaches hardly bite. Much is not known about c wood roaches interaction with humans. We can understand since they don’t live with humans, unlike its other cousins.

Keep Wood Roaches at Bay

Wood roaches at best can be said to be a nuisance. That doesn’t mean you should not take them seriously.

Take necessary precautions, and you’ll keep them away from your home.

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