How to Get Roaches Out of My Laptop

In Australia, Ben Nash, a horrified local computer repairman in New South Wales opened a computer he called a “PooBook Pro” to find cockroaches littered the motherboard with poo and eggs. The sight was disturbing, to say the least.

It’s a surprise that cockroaches can get into a laptop. Well, the best you can do in that situation is to force the roach out of your laptop. But why should you be worried?

Why Worry About Roaches in My Laptop?

A cockroach inside your laptop should be worrisome to you. Laptops are expensive devices. They are expensive to replace. Besides, it might fail at the time you need it most, which can render you stranded.

Feces of cockroaches on your motherboard can corrode it and make it non-functional. If this happens, there’s no hope of you getting the laptop fixed ever.

Also, cockroaches moving about the components might get in contact with high voltage component in the system. The high voltage will kill them instantly. That should have been a good news only that it can cause a short-circuit, which can render your laptop useless.

So, the verdict is that any situation that cause cockroaches to enter inside your laptop is a lose-lose situation for you. The best thing to do is to get them out.

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How to Get Roaches Out of My Laptop

How to Get Roaches Out of My Laptop?

Once you notice that there is a roach in your laptop, you have to force them out. But, you have to be wise about it. Since you might be desperate for an answer, we need to tell you what you don’t need to do first.

  • Do not spray insecticide directly into the motherboard.
  • Don’t try to force them out with a spike. You might damage the components inside.
  • Don’t open the computer unless you’re a professional.

Using Compressed Air

You can use compressed air to remove dust from inside your laptop. Compressed air can serve another purpose – removing roaches from your laptop.

Air force through can remove debris from inside your laptop.

However, be careful on the type of air you use. Some people say they use blowers for removing air from inside their laptops. Air from blowers might have a lot of pressure but it is simply inefficient and might cause damages to components inside the computer.

You can get compressed air in cans in a hardware shop. Be sure to tell the attendant what you want to use it for.

There are different ways you can use compressed air to remove roaches from your laptop. It depends on when your computer was made.

For older laptops, it’s easy to open the computer and spray.

While newer laptops are harder to open. The way you get roaches out of the laptop in this case is to force the air through the air vent.

By Using Traps

You can use traps to kill cockroaches. Despite roaches living inside the computer, they do get out to get food.

With the help of several cockroaches’ traps, you can get cockroaches from your laptop.

But, you don’t have to set the trap inside your laptop.

You can use a pheromone sticky trap to attract and catch the roaches. If you’re lucky, in a few days, you would have caught all roaches.

You will want to avoid poisoned baits, so they don’t die inside your computer.

Seek Professional Help

It’s important that you seek the help of a professional. Whether you remove the cockroaches from your laptop or not, a professional will help you prevent roaches from building a home inside your computer.

Also, cockroaches in your laptop is usually a microcosm of your home. You should look for a way to get roaches out of your home.

A professional pest exterminator will help you end cockroaches’ infestation in your home.

Final Words

Cockroaches inside a laptop is bad news. However, getting them out is not as disastrous as it sounds. Above are a few ways you can get roaches from your laptop.

As noted above in our how to get roaches out of my laptop guide, you also need to get cockroaches out of your home so as to prevent the situation from happening again. Hopefully, we hope this guide helps you get roaches out of your laptop.

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