How To Keep Mice Out Of Dresser Drawers

How To Keep Mice Out Of Dresser Drawers

Having mice in your dresser drawers is a nightmare, although they are fuzzy and may look cute, the truth is they are far from being cute and in your dresser drawer they will do one thing only, and that is to wreak havoc on any and everything in there.

Now that you know exactly what rats would be doing inside your dresser drawer, the next logical question to ask is how to keep them out?

How to Keep Mice out of Dresser Drawers

The best natural approach you can take to keep mice out of your dresser drawer is to invest in rat natural repellent that you can put inside your drawers.

Keep food stores properly and eliminate sources of food and water that may entice mice into your home.

Another natural method is to have cats as pets, cats are natural predators of mice and they will help keep your mice problems down to a minimum if they can’t have the mice eliminated.

You can also engage the services of pest control to come to help fend off mice from your drawers.

Ways to Ward off Mice from the Dressers

There is no way you can try to coax out mice from your home once they are inside, they are pretty intelligent and will see through your whole ruse, what you can however do is ensure that they do not find their way anywhere close to your dwelling place.

Your dresser makes provision for mice to nest in your house because they serve as the ideal home for rodents and the ideal home includes a warm and dark place that your dresser provides.

Another thing you think your dresser is providing to mice? Yes, clothes, your dressers are full of clothes which makes it the perfect playground for mice to not only play around but also do what they enjoy doing and that is to gnaw and chew on your clothes, what’s the rush? There are more clothes in your dressers that the mice won’t even know what to do with them.

The first step to take for you to Ward off mice from your dresser includes:

  • Cover up any form of gaps in your dresser:

Mice love warm dark places and in addition to that, your drawer makes the perfect spot for them and jumps at any slight opportunity that will take them straight to your drawers.

And make no mistake, if they notice any hole on your dresser that is it, you have got a new tenancy.

For you to avoid it, you will need to critically take a look at your drawers and proceed to seal off any inch space that mice can fit in, you can block this space using copper mesh or steel wool.

  • Keep your drawers clean

Another thing that will deter mice from your drawers is to clean up your drawers regularly, it is also important you do not store snacks or other food items in your dresser drawers as they will serve as a beacon calling out to mice to come feast.

Mice depend more on food to survive than even water, you should get rid of any form of food crumbs from your drawers by deep vacuuming them.

  • Use Natural Remedies like Peppermint and Dryer sheets:

Peppermint oil is very effective in deterring mice, it contains a compound known as menthol that can irritate nasal activities.

In addition, you can also make use of peppermint leaves by crushing them and placing them inside your drawers, they have almost the same effect as the oil and peppermint can also retain its smell for a long period and mice cannot get used to the smell, so it is very effective against keeping away mice from your drawers.

Dryer sheets are another effective method against mice, it is, however, a temporary solution as with time their scent wears off and you will have to replace them at least once every week.

Locate surfaces that mice have been on and wipe those surfaces with dryer sheets to discourage mice from coming back there.

To keep the smell of the dryer sheets lingering in your drawers, use dryer sheets to wipe them at least once every week and you can also proceed to put some dryer sheets inside the drawers as well.

This however is not a long-term solution as rodents may get used to the smell of dryer sheets.

  • Use Bleach

Bleach has a pungent smell that rodents find unbearable and even when they consume a combination of bleach, it will also be the source of their demise, so it is quite natural for mice to steer clear of areas that they have smelt bleached, hence you can use bleach to deter mice from your dresser drawers.

  • Adopt a Cat:

Adopting a cat can help you in getting rid of mice to an extent but it is not that effective, a cat will have to chase down a few rats before it can eliminate them. Let’s face the facts, how many rats will a cat chase down? Not many I guess, in the event of a rat infestation, cats will be powerless to do anything, so you should contact a professional to come to help you take care of your rat problems.

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Why Do Mice Go To The drawers?

The main reason to see mice in your drawers is food.

If you are the type that stores food in your drawers, then your drawers will be very attractive and tempting to the mice.

They however cannot open your drawers to get into them, once they notice a little hole in your drawers, they can squeeze in themselves, or then again, they will just chew through anything to get at that food in your drawers.

There is no way you can keep mice from trying to get into your drawers, what you can do is to stop keeping food in your drawers and stop enticing them into it in the first place.

Natural Ways To Keep Mice Out Of Drawers

Mice are pretty small and can find their ways in and out of any small cracks anywhere in your house and your drawers are no exceptions to the places that mice can comfortably be in.

It doesn’t take much to feed them and for them to survive, leaving bits of food here and there is enough for mice.

Some basic natural ways you can implore to keep mice out of drawers include:

  •  Keeping Crumbs away from your drawers:

It is imperative to keep away all forms of food crumbs from your drawers as they are the basic thing that attracts mice into your drawers in the first instance.

Remove drawers and have them deep vacuum thoroughly before you can have them replaced back and after that, ensure you keep from putting food items or crumbs into the drawers again.

  • Peppermint:

Peppermint is another effective way of keeping mice out of your drawers, either you wipe your drawers with peppermint oil or you crush some peppermints, put them in satchels or bowl and place them inside your drawers, whichever method suits you, it will work to deter mice from getting into your drawers, as peppermint is one of the smells that mice detest perceiving.

Does Charcoal Keep Mice Away?

Yes. A sockful of charcoal will help in keeping mice away, to get the solution is quite easy, find old socks or even two, put some charcoal into those socks and place them in very strategic positions where you have noticed mice activities and it will help deter mice from coming back to those locations.