Roaches vs Beetles – Is it a Ground Beetle or Cockroach?

So, roaches vs beetles, which are you infested with?

Roaches can make your skin crawl (no doubt about that). However, there are several other bugs like beetles that look like roaches however, so how can you identify them?

By reading this article till the end you can know what you are dealing with. If you think you have a bad case of ground beetle infestations in your house, you could really have a nasty infestation of cockroaches or vice versa.

Roaches vs Beetles – What You Need to Know

Eroaches is here to help you learn the differences.

  • Features of a Beetle

Beetles make up more than 40% of all insects and about 25% of all our planet’s lifeforms. Currently, there are over 400,000 beetles on earth, which inhabit almost every ecosystems except for the sea and polar regions.

“The hard exoskeletal system” is one feature the beetle shares with cockroach breed. However, beetles have three segments with 3 pairs of legs and a set of wings that fold out from under the beetle’s sheel.

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They possess distinctive mandibles for cutting and chewing and have large heads too.

The betel is generally smaller than roaches and possess a tougher body. Beetles also feed on insects that are typically pests, that makes beetles a friend to human race.

Roaches vs Beetles

  • Features of a Cockroach

Cockroaches on the other hand are oval and flat with six legs and long, slender antennae coming from their heads. They generally release a bad smelling odor and can run quite fast.

These insects have a shield like structure that comes over their heads so that from the top, you are unable to see their head and eyes.

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Roaches are notorious for carrying and spreading diseases, that puts you and your family at risk. They also poop fecal droppings everywhere they go, putting the elderly and little kids in danger since they are more susceptible to the bacteria carried by these filthy insects.

Roaches will eat everything and anything they can get their teeth on.

How to Keep ground beetle or cockroach out of Your Home

We recommend getting help from pest control services/companies to try some DIY solutions.

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