Put on My Body to Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Nice night, sweet dreams, and never let the bed bugs bite – is a statement which many of you may have heard as a kid.

But you know it’s difficult to sleep with bed bugs suckling our blood with their teeth and claws recurrently inserted into our bodies.

It’s excruciating, scratchy, and sleep deprivation makes the next day a disaster. You will find it had to rest if anything isn’t done to stop the bed bugs from attacking you.

Bed bug bites all over your body are the most apparent, sinister (and sure-fire) sign of a bad roach infestation in your residence.

Deploying the services of an expert to get the bugs off your apartment is only a reliable option but also the best way to prevent bug bites and sleep without the fear of bed bug bites.

Must you suffer bed bug bites or wish that bed bugs didn’t attack you at all anymore by the time you hire a bed bug specialist?

Certainly not! There are a few tried-and-true methods for keeping bed bugs from biting you while you sleep.

Here we have taken time to bring out the list of creams you can use on your body to keep bed bugs away. Also, some tips to get bugs eliminated from your bed and apparel will be shown to you. Let’s get started.

What Can You Use To Prevent Bed Bug Bites On Your Body?

This section contains a list of 5 skin-care products that you can use before bed.

These organic bed bug repellents have been proven to work, have no side effects, and are a great way to avoid bed bug bites!

And besides, before we begin, there is one rule you must follow before applying them to your skin.

What Can I Put On my Body To Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Ensure you put on any dress immediately after you applied the cream to your body.

To start making these pieces fit against bed bugs, you’ll need a night suit with a pajama. While you sleep, avoid dresses like Tank tops and shorts until you have successfully annihilated bed bugs from your residence. The possible explanation for this is that if your body isn’t encased, the items we’re about to discuss will be rubbed off by your bed sheet or duvet cover.

So, let’s get to the real deal.

  • Vicks VapoRub

Utilize Vicks VapoRub on areas of the body that are susceptible to bed bug bites, such as the knees, neck, lower back, belly, and elbows, to prevent bed bug bites.

Many people claim that Vicks VapoRub is inefficient, but this is only accurate in one situation. It’s when you stay in bed with parts of the body that are likely to be bitten by bugs open.

If you stay in bed in track pants or a tee-shirt, the Vicks VapoRub on your skin will rub off onto the duvet cover, uncovering you to bed bug bites.

Always sleep in pajamas and a soft upper with a full sleeve to ensure that it works.

By taking action as a protective layer against the bedsheet, the dress will give room for your skin to get in contact with Vicks VapoRub. To stress more, bugs are unable to bite through fabric.

Have you tried to take note of the reason Vicks VapoRub is such an effective bed bug repellent?

Vicks VapoRub has a strong eucalyptus and methanol scent that repels bed bugs and other insects.

However, try as much as possible to apply a considerable quantity of Vicks VapoRub to regions that are susceptible to bugs biting your body.

  • Essential Oils

This Oils are substances that are derived from plants extract. Essential oils with research were proven to have substances that kills pests and insects. Essential oils, from another perceptive, are not bug killers or serve insecticides.

They’re kept at bay by essential oils. They’re antiperspirants.

What are the essential oils effective at warding off bed bugs?

Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil, Tea tree essential oil, also Lavender essential oil are four essential oils that keep bed bugs away.

Getting quality essential oil is a bit complex, but there are skills you needed to get original essential oil.

Getting results from the use of essential oil is dependent on the originality of the oil, so, with fake oil, be rest assured of minimal results.

The importance of selecting the right essential oil cannot be overstated. While getting essential oil, here are what you should look outmi:

Essential oils are kept in the dark glass bottles. Buy oils in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. The essential oil is degraded in plastic bottles.

Often buy 100% pure plant extract and cold-pressed essential oils. Essential oils should not contain any additives, such as vegetable oils.

Pure essential oils are both costly and thick.

The biological name of the component it is derived from is displayed on the carton of natural essential oils. On the bottle, the home country is also stated.

For now, let’s put on hold other things about essential oils then we move to other things. You rub it on your skin Essentials in two ways.

The most efficient approach is to take the essential oil directly to the areas of your body within which Bed bugs bite.

If this approach is carried out frequently, then your essential oils will soon finish. Essential oils of high quality are not cheap. Using this approach regularly will cost you a whole lot.

So, if you’re in a quest to know how to get this solve permanently, contact your local bed bug exterminator right away. It is a good idea to do entire residence bugs treatment, and it’s also cost-effective in the long run.

The second method is to make an essential oil and water spray.

deploy the use of 12 ounces mixture of essential oil and 12 gallons of water on your mattress, around the mattress, and on the bed frame. You can also spritz some on your entire body.

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  • Vinegar

If you can tolerate the odor of vinegar, it is a less costly option than essential oils.

Bed bugs, roaches, ants, and centipedes, are deterred by the acid content and acrid odor of vinegar.

However, it is unnecessary to use an entire bottle of vinegar. Simply soak a part of the fabric in vinegar and apply it to the areas of your body in which Bed bugs bite.

You can splash a solution of vinegar and water all over your bed to keep bed bugs away.

The only drawback to spritzing vinegar on your bed too frequently is that it will be funny when you discover your whole house is Giving the smell of vinegar.

You could use essential oil disinfectant instead of vinegar spray to spray around your bed. It smells fantastic!

What can you Spray on Yourself to Keep the Bed Bugs Off?

There are numerous options of skin-repellent lotions that can keep you away from bdu bites while you sleep. Avon Bug Guard is one of the lotions that we recommend. It does resist water, it is not fatty and of course free of PBA, making it perfect for day-to-day use.

The bed bug pesticidal cream should be applied to your backs of knees, forearms, and neck, elbows, back, and feet. Listed below are the areas have HAVE proven to be susceptible to bug bites.

Wear outfits while sleeping, even if you’re using creams or essential oils, as we noted earlier.

If you don’t, the moisturizers and oils on your skin will be removed by the duvet cover and blankets, leaving you vulnerable to bed bug bites.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut as a natural berry had a bug-resisting substances that are more powerful than DEET. This was proven true by the Department of Agriculture in the United States of America. According to the study, you can find in coconut oil a substance that can reduce the potency of flies, ticks, mosquitos, and bugs, this susbtance is known as the fatty acids.

If you have mosquitoes or bed bugs in your home, applying coconut oil to your skin will prevent them from nibbling you.

The more organic the coconut oil is, the more robust, much like the essential oils.

Coconut oil is oily and has a pleasant aroma. As a result, you, your apparel, and your bedspreads may have a coconut scent, preferable to bed bug bites.

However, some high-quality coconut oils, such as Purosonic and COCO & CO, are odorless, non-greasy, and 100 percent pure. They are effective at keeping bed bugs at bay.

For Clothes, Use Bed Bug Repellent

Bed bugs can continue living in your storage boxes and closets where you store your clothes, did you know?

They do. If bed bugs have infiltrated your clothing, bed bug repellants applied to your skin may not be as efficient as they should be.

There are two methods for reducing the likelihood of bed bugs in clothing.

The initial way to get bugs away is to get rid of bugs on the shelves and drawers. The next approach is to use bed bug insect repellent sprays on your clothing.

Repel Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent comes highly recommended. It’s odorless and won’t ruin your clothes.

Actions to Avoid Bugs From invading Your Mattress

You can use some efficient precautions to keep bugs away from your sleeping foam until you consider hiring a bed bug specialist to get a good night’s sleep.

But, never forget that these are only temporary solutions.

treating your beds with steam is the best approach couple with the Steam chassis is the most effective technique.

Bugs are easily denatured by heat. Bug experts seldomly deploy the use of High temperatures to get rid of bugs in an apartment permanently.

Use a steam cleaner gradually across the Bed and Bed beam to eliminate bed bugs concealing in the bed and bed frame.

Wrap the mattress’s edges as well as the holes in the bed frame and headboard during the steam cleaning. These are the places where bed bugs hide.

The steam cleaner’s temperature will kill any bed bugs lurking in your mattress.

However, what if you don’t have access to a steam cleaner?

Then, to cut down on the number of bed bugs all across your mattress, use food-grade diatomaceous earth and a vacuum cleaner.

Apply a generous amount of diatomaceous earth to the mattress and frame of the bed. Allow it to rest for a while.

Bed bugs are killed by piercing their exoskeleton with diatomaceous earth.

Vacuum the mattress after 20-30 minutes to eliminate the diatomaceous earth. You’ll also get rid of any dead bed bugs this way.

Vacuum slowly along the edges of the mattress, as well as in the gaps between the bed frame and headboard, as you would with steam cleaning.

Bed bugs can also be kept at bay by spraying essential oils mixed with water. To make a spray, combine any of the essential oils listed above.

30-40 minutes before bedtime, spray the combination on and around your bed.

Does Vaseline help bug bites?

No, Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly will not keep bed bugs away from you.

Many folks think that if you apply Vaseline liberally to your skin and around your bed frame, the bed bugs will become stuck and unable to bite.

That is incorrect.

Essential oils and coconut oil, which can repel bed bugs, have insecticidal properties that Vaseline lacks.

Bed bugs can easily bite through your Vaseline-coated skin and drink your blood.

What Can You Put On Your Body To Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Treatments for Bed Bugs That Don’t Work

Because bed bug bites are so painful and irritating, people have come up with many unproven hacks and rumors that claim to work.

All of these myths will be debunked in this section.

Those were just speculations at this point. You should not squander your time or money on them.

Here are the most typical bed bug misconceptions and speculations that people truly follow to avoid being bitten by bed bugs –

  • Bed bugs are repelled by burning sulfur inside your home.

Please don’t go through with it. Sulfur is ineffective against bed bugs when burned.

And it’s dangerous to burn sulfur. Sulfur smoke causes difficulty breathing, sinus problems, and even eye damage.

  • Bed Bugs Can Be Killed With Bug Bombs

Bug bombs are the one idea you should never spend your money on when it comes to the idea of adequately disposing of bed bugs.

Because bug bombs can’t permeate into the holes where bed bugs conceal, they’re unproductive.

The bed bugs will flee and cover up in tight spots and holes after using the bug bomb. You might be able to kill four or five of them, but you won’t be able to eliminate the overall community.

Bug bombs also don’t leave a toxicity residue on the bed bugs’ skin, which could spread to other bugs.

To get rid of bed bugs, it’s always a good idea to contact a reputable pest control company.

  • Bed Bugs Will Be Freezed Using Fire Extinguishers

It’s just another urban legend or urban legend. The CO2 will not kill the bed bugs from the fire extinguisher.

  • CO2 is a bed bug magnet.

So, instead of wasting the gas in your fire extinguisher, use it to kill bed bugs. You can, however, use the canister to suffocate the bed bug.

  • The Bed Bugs Will Be Fooled If You Sleep With The Lights On.

According to a ridiculous belief, bed bugs bite once the lights are turned off. As a result, many people sleep with the lighting fixtures on in the hopes of fooling the bed bugs.

Regrettably, it does not!

When you’re sitting still, bed bugs bite, so it makes no difference to them if the lights are turned on.

Bed bugs will not bite you if you use olive oil on your body.

It doesn’t work that way. It will not, even if you use virgin olive oil.

To repel bed bugs, it’s better to use olive oil for cooking rather than rubbing it on your skin. It’s just not going to work.

  • Turning off the heat will cause bed bugs to freeze during the winter.

No, it isn’t going to happen. Like termites and roaches, bed bugs are hardy pests that are difficult to eradicate.

Although bed bugs prefer a humid and tropical climate, this does not mean they will die in the winter.

Bed bugs can survive without a blood meal if they lay eggs.

So, if you assume that freezing yourself during the winter will keep bed bugs from attacking you, you’re mistaken.

When weather conditions return to normal, bed bugs will return.

Why Bed Bugs Bite Only Me?

Isn’t this the concern you or your partner asks when you wake up with red, itchy, and painful lumps on your body?

You’re correct in posing the question. Here are two compelling reasons why bed bugs only bite you while the person sleeping beside you is unaffected.

Bed bugs, for starters, will bite you if they’ve been raised on your blood type.

It implies that if the bed bugs’ first blood food was AB+ and you have an AB+ blood type, but the person lying beside you has a distinct blood type, the bed bugs will bite you rather than the other person.

Second, you are more sensitive to bed bug bites than the person with whom you have shared a bed.

When bed bugs bite, not everyone gets rashes and lumps. It’s because bed bug bites do not affect their bodies.

If you get those rashes after bug bites, it means you’re allergic to bed bug bites and may experience allergic reactions as a result.

So, the next time you see bed bug bites on your body, call a pest control company instead of trying DIY remedies.

DIY methods are not long-term solutions for pests such as bed bugs, termites, and roaches.

How Can You Avoid being Bitten by Bed bugs at night?

You can take some preventative measures to keep bed bugs out of your bed and reduce the number of bites you get while sleeping.

The following are five suggestions for avoiding bed bug bites at night:

  • High-temperature washing of bed sheets and other bedding
  • Hoovering your bed and bed box regularly
  • Items should not be stored under the bed.
  • After returning home, washing and drying the clothes
  • To get rid of bed bugs, seek professional assistance.
  • How to Stop Bed Bugs From Climbing Your Bed

So, How Can You Prevent Bed Bugs from Climbing into Your Bed?

This is the topic of our conversation. Not only will you want to keep them off your bed, but you’ll want to keep them out of your house as much as possible.

The Most Detailed Method of Control

The most comprehensive approach to dealing with this pest problem is to prevent bed bugs from entering your home in the first place.

If you now have an invasion, nevertheless, you’ll need to take annihilation actions to get rid of it.

Now, a structured type of intervention is being implemented, starting with your mattress and spreading out to other areas, but the trouble is that these bugs may come back to your mattress.

Bed Bug Monitors are used to keep track of bed bugs.

Bed bug monitors act as a deterrent to the free movement of these insects. They’re usually designed with two wells to help bed bugs get caught when they climb over obstacles.

Each piece is placed beneath the bedpost’s foot.

The logic behind using such provisions is that you will not only have these pests trapped, but you will also know whether or not previous treatment was effective.

More importantly, you will be able to sleep soundly without being bitten by bed bugs.

The monitor’s two wells aid in the two-way inspection process. In-bound bugs are caught in the outer wall, while out-bound bugs are caught in the inner well. A two-well system is not standard on all bed bug monitors.

To keep these pests from climbing your bed, some of these have just one.

It’s possible that adding talc powder to bed bug monitors will improve their effectiveness. This increases the slickness of the interior sections (wells). Once trapped, bed bugs are unable to flee.

When you see these pests, it’s critical to have them removed and killed immediately.

Mattress Protective Cover

Mattress covers effectively prevent bed bugs from gaining access to your mattress. Both mattresses and box springs have encasements available.

The mattresses are encased within these coverings, which are zipped. Those attempting to enter will be unable to escape bed bugs.

To avoid wear and tear, mattress housings should be durable materials. Pesticides are pre-applied to some of the best products. Your bed becomes a no-go zone for bed bugs due to these.

It’s crucial to use light-colored mattress covers to make bed bugs easier to spot.

Blankets Must Not Be Moved

When it comes to tidying your bed, extra caution should be used when storing your blanket. You want your bed to stay on the bed and not touch the floor if you’re dealing with an active infestation.

When a blanket is dropped on the floor, bed bugs will quickly climb on and end up on your bed when you return it.

Your bed Shouldn’t Touch the Wall.

Bed bugs can be found in cracks in walls, sockets, and other places.

These pests can leverage the power of your bed being too close to the wall or making contact with it. Pulling your bed away from the wall is the most effective way to avoid this.

You’ve made it inaccessible to these bugs by taking it down from the wall. Additionally, your blankets should not make contact with the wall, as this will allow easy access to your bed.

Is your blanket dangling over the edge of the bed?

Bed bugs can easily climb up your bed using a blanket that touches the floor. Ensure that the blanket is never taken off the bed.

Keep in mind that the goal is to keep these bugs out of your bed.

When Using a Laundromat, Take Extra Care

Do you have any clean clothes?

Pests face a challenge when using a laundromat. This may act as a bed bug hotspot or distribution point.

When using a laundromat, avoid using accessible baskets for clothing. Use plastic bags instead because they are much safer.

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Other Techniques for Preventing Bed Bugs From Climbing Your Bed

There will always be a threat of bed bugs moving towards your bed if you have a bed bug infestation. As a result, proactive measures such as furniture inspection, clutter removal, and floor vacuuming are recommended.

  • Inspecting Furniture

Before actually bringing in used decor, have it thoroughly checked. Bringing in bed bug-infested furniture items has been linked to many persistent infestations.

You can significantly reduce infestation cases by simply inspecting and treating these.

  • Clutter Elimination

Bed bugs are attracted to cluttered areas. As a result, these pests are more likely to climb your bed.

You can help reduce the chances of these pests getting to you by removing clutter.

  • Vacuuming the Floors is an essential step in the cleaning process.

Vacuuming is an easy way to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs. It also makes it less likely for these pests to climb up your begging.

  • To get rid of bed bugs, make a phone call to pest specialists.

Professional bed bug control takes precedence over other preventive measures for untrained people. This option has a high success rate, so it is good.

These are a few ways to keep bed bugs out of your bed.

It’s also crucial to think about a more comprehensive solution to your bed bug problem than simply preventing them from climbing your bed.

Why do I keep getting bit by bed bugs?

Bedbugs are most active at night, and they usually bite people while they sleep. They eat by piercing the skin and sucking blood with their elongated beak. The bugs gorge themselves for three to ten minutes before crawling away unnoticed.

Why do I react so strongly to bug bites?

Skeeter syndrome is an allergic reaction to the proteins found in mosquito saliva. People with skeeter syndrome have a more severe reaction to these proteins than others, even though most people are allergic to them to some degree.

After being Bitten by a Bug, What Should You do?

Using water and soap, clean the affected skin. Apply gentle ice pressure or an ice pack to any inflammation (such as a soft fabric or cloth cooled with cold water). If possible, uplift or raise the impacted area to help with swelling. To lower the risk of infection, avoid scratching the area.

List of Homemade Bed Bug Repellent for Skin

Essential oils such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, citronella, mint, and rosemary are more effective and faster at eliminating bed bugs in your house or apartment. However, you must exercise caution when using tea tree oil in your home with your children and pets, as it is toxic to them.

Three best Clothes to Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites can be avoided by wearing the following three clothing items.

Remember to bring your socks, coat, toque, scarf, and mittens. Offer your garments a good shake when you take them out of the dryer to loosen any dead bed bugs that may be stuck on them. Put the clothes in a plastic bag as soon as possible and seal them tightly.

Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes?

While Bed bugs must come into direct contact with our skin to bite us, they cannot bite through clothing because their mouths aren’t long enough to suck blood through most materials.

Can Diatomaceous Earth Repel Bed Bugs?

Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent tool for combating bed bugs. It’s a non-toxic, all-natural bed bug barrier that kills them while also preventing them from spreading throughout your home.

Does Neosporin help with bug bites?

Poison oak/ivy, insect bites, dermatitis, eczema, allergies, rash, pruritus of the outer female genitals, and anal itching are all conditions treated with this medication.

Does Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream work on Bug BQites?

If the area becomes swollen, painful, or itchy, apply triamcinolone cream, hydrocortisone cream, or a topical antihistamine over-the-counter (Benadryl). Hydrocortisone 2.5 percent cream is my favorite, though it does require a prescription.

Can I Spray Alcohol on my Bed to Disinfect?

You must seek to avoid the use of alcohol to get rid of bugs in your house. Isopropyl alcohol is a the liquids that is  highly volatile. Spraying it on clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture, fabrics, and mattresses generates a fire hazard, even though it dries quickly.


In this article, you must learn the five things you can use on your skin to prevent bed bugs from biting you. Essential Oils, Vicks VapoRub, Skin Bed Bug Repellents, Vinegar, and Coconut Oil are among the ingredients.

You must also understand how to keep bedbugs out of your bed and clothing. In addition, we debunked several common misconceptions about bed bug bites.

Bed bugs will bite you as long as they are present in your house. You won’t be able to permanently get rid of bed bugs with a few band-aid solutions.

Bed bugs are tenacious pests that can be difficult to eradicate. You’re not going to be able to get rid of them all by yourself.

To rid your home of bed bugs, immediately contact a bed bug expert in your area.

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