Can Air Freshener Kill Cockroaches? ALL TYPES? – FIND OUT!

Can Air Freshener Kill Cockroaches

Roaches have a keen sense of smell, according to the Journal of Experimental Biology. Cockroaches don’t have a nose; therefore, they sense substances in the air through their antennae. Even with only one antenna, roaches can locate the source of an odor.

You may notice that roaches avoid areas that have a strong bleach odor. Bleaching places to keep cockroaches away may work for a while. Roaches, on the other hand, may return because they are no longer bothered by the odor.

With their low intellect, cockroaches are tenacious and can learn and adapt to their surroundings. To be safe, they may disregard the place if they detect an undesirable odor. Cockroaches may return to the location if they’re hungry enough to check whether it’s something they can conquer so they can eat.

Can Air Freshener Kill Cockroaches?

Doubtful. Human noses, not insect antennae, respond to air fresheners. Air freshener fragrances don’t deceive cockroaches: if they detect it at all, they’ll still stay around your house.

Can Air Freshener Keep Roaches Away

Air fresheners with sweet or fruity aromas may attract bugs and other pests, but it’s typically a mix of factors that makes your house appealing to unwanted intruders. The best way is to go through your property with a keen eye to discover and remove any objects that may be attracting bugs.

Whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, most houses have an air freshener in one of the rooms.

If you have a pest problem and use one of these gadgets frequently, it may be that device that’s drawing pests into your house without your knowledge.

Air fresheners include a variety of substances that might attract ants and cockroaches, among other pests.

Although they include harsh chemicals and oils that can repel pests, essential oils such as lemon and cinnamon and the pleasant artificial scents added to these products have been demonstrated to attract insects.

Mice and other rodents don’t like the fragrance of air fresheners, even though they’re drawn to sweet foods, so it’s unlikely that they are causing a problem.

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Can Air Freshener Kill Cockroaches

Can Perfume Deter Roaches?

If floral aromas may repel roaches, you might suppose that perfume can as well. It is dependent on:

  • What kind of scent do you use?
  • The perfume’s overall consistency
  • The perfume’s binding chemicals

The inclusion of essential oils in these store-bought scents contributes to their potency. That implies they do, in theory, contain a cockroach-repelling chemical. If the oil smells like peppermint, citrus or is derived from one of the aromas described above, it’s more likely to keep cockroaches away.

Do air fresheners kill bugs?

While it appears that this is a prevalent practice across the world, air fresheners are not designed to kill pests, flies, or spiders. Air fresheners can weaken and occasionally kill these bugs, but you’d have to saturate them with many sprays to get them to function.

When air fresheners are sprayed into the environment, scientists have discovered that they can emit poisons. Pesticides can contain ingredients like limonene, ethanol, and acetone, commonly found in air fresheners. When it comes to air fresheners, approximately 100 compounds are often employed. The amount of each component utilized by a particular brand or nation will always differ.

Many of these substances have been labeled as potentially harmful or dangerous. And since these sprays may induce asthma attacks, headaches, earaches, and respiratory difficulties in people, it’s safe to assume that if bugs, flies, and spiders inhale them, they’ll suffer as well.

What Smells Keep Roaches Away?

There are several misconceptions about using smells to discourage cockroaches. When people and animals detest the fragrance of something, they will avoid it at all costs. You could probably put cockroaches in their preferred hiding spots if you could figure out which odors they detest or perhaps despise. This would deter roaches.

Human-pleasing fragrances, such as citrus, keep cockroaches away. Cinnamon, garlic, bay leaves, peppermint, and coffee grounds are all cockroach repellents in the kitchen. Choose vinegar or bleach if you want a disinfectant with a strong odor. Essential oils, such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus, are the finest scent-based deterrents.

However, how you use scent-based cockroach repellents makes a difference. In no-go locations, they can be sprinkled, sprayed, dispersed, or smeared. Cockroaches, however, are adept at adjusting to their environment. Regardless of the smells you utilize, hungry cockroaches may opt to disregard them in their search for food.

Can Air Freshener Kill Bugs?

Because of their size, there are many different types of bugs that might enter your home. Whether or whether an air freshener will kill them depends on a variety of conditions.

Anatomy is one component. The insect may be protected from severe chemicals if it has a hard outer shell. Air fresheners have little effect on stink bugs (also known as shield bugs) or several species of beetles.

Other bugs may be tiny and delicate enough to be killed by the chemicals in the air freshener, but you may not be able to reach them well enough to do so. As a result, the location in your home where they are hiding is another element that may be challenging for you to get rid of them.

Does Air Freshener Kill Flies?

NO, in general. The components in current air fresheners are not poisonous enough to kill flies; keep in mind that air fresheners must be suitable for adults, infants, and pets such as tiny birds.

Formaldehyde was once found in air fresheners, particularly those used in restrooms, and it has been prohibited from air fresheners for some years.

Even back then, cockroaches survived deodorizers containing formaldehyde in urinal basins, and I never saw proof that flies perished from it in air fresheners. Flies that fed on a 2 percent formaldehyde water solution perished. According to a 1910 study by E Owen Thurston, Ind Med Gaz;45(7):277), although that concentration would have been unacceptably high even later in the period of formaldehyde air fresheners.

Does Air Freshener Kill Ants?

Not all fresheners can kill ants, but there are some air fresheners that can do this magic take for example the glade and the Febreze will take care of ants in your house.

Does Air Freshener Kill Mosquitoes?

There are Air fresheners designed to kill mosquitos, however, you cannot trust all air fresheners to do this job. So to come up with, some air fresheners kill mosquitos.

Can Glade Kill Cockroaches?

No, glade or Febreeze cannot kill roaches. In fact, it does not bother them.


Making use of air freshener in your house does not guarantee the death of a cockroach; However, there is an odor that chase away insect from your house and a particular smell that draws roaches to your abode.

We have outlined such a smell that keeps cockroaches away from your house and those that draw them to your house in this content.