How to Get Rid of Flying Roaches

Cockroaches infestation is a terrible nightmare.

Having roaches in your home can cause you not to sleep. They won’t even care whether you’re asleep when they crawl on your body, carrying germs along themselves. To be fair, at night, while you’re asleep is when they’re active.

It’s important that you know how to keep roaches away when you sleep.

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What are Flying Roaches?

Flying roaches as the name implies are some species of roaches that fly.

You will find these roaches in a lot of environment – from hot to cold areas.

Let’s see some of these roaches and how you’ll be able to identify them.

  • Pennsylvania Wood Roaches

It’s not hard to imagine these roaches from name. This specie of cockroach lives mostly outdoors in the woods.

It’s hard for you to find them in urban and suburban areas.

But if you live in a resort in the woods, you’d be hard-pressed not to find them. They have a light brown color. They live in damp areas.

If your home has a wooden structure, watch out for them.

  • Asian Cockroach

You’ll find the Asian cockroaches in the Gulf Coast of the United States.

They are tiny with a light brown color.

Asian cockroach can fly not only due to threat of danger but also to find nutrients. They can be a menace in your home.

  • Australian Cockroach

The Australian cockroach is bigger than most species of cockroaches. They are good flyers and can fly at the sight of a human or any imminent danger.

They love damp places.

If you have an untidy kitchen, expect the Australian cockroach to form a cluster there.

Since there’s a chance that your bathroom might be damp, Australian cockroaches will have no difficulty in taking residence there.

  • Smokybrown Cockroaches

These roaches have a reddish-brown color, long wings and two long antennae. It’s not hard to identify them.

They thrive in humid environment and might find it hard to survive inside a house except there’s a level of untidiness in the house. Areas around trashcans and gardens can sustain them for long.

  • Cuban Cockroach

Unlike most cockroaches, the Cuban cockroach has an appearance that will make you think it’s not a cockroach. It has a bright green color. You might mistake it for an aphid or even a grasshopper.

Originally from Cuba, the Cuban roach can travel very well.

The Cuban cockroach further cause confusion when you see its young. Unlike the adults, the nymphs have a dark color that make it look like a small normal cockroach.

The roaches love living in gardens and lawns. The dampness these places offer help them to breed. The green color also helps them to camouflage.

Why Get Rid of Flying Cockroaches?

Most flying cockroaches do not live inside a house. But there are exceptions. Many of them thrive around humid environment. If you live in a suburb, rural areas or even in the woods, you might find them as a threat.

Some might take residence inside your home during harsh winters. Cockroaches find it hard to survive in extreme cold.

They can live outside your home and get into your home occasionally to get food and water. This can lead to an outbreak of infection. Cockroaches are said to be a vector for over 30 pathogens that cause infections ranging from food poisoning to serious illness.

Given their penchant for flying, you might find it harder to get rid of them than the general nonflying ones. Thus, you need to learn how to get rid of flying roaches.

How to Get Rid of Flying Roaches

How to Get Rid of Flying Roaches?

You should know how to get rid of flying roaches.

Despite how terrible they are, it’s easy to get rid of them. Just follow the tips here, and flying roaches will be a thing of the past for you.

  • Manage Your Windows Properly

The best way to stop roaches is to prevent them from getting into your home.

Flying roaches can easily get into your home through an open window. If your window is open, all they have to do is to fly straight into your home.

To solve this problem, you can use a window screen to prevent them from entering through your window.

You should also check your windows for cracks around them. Don’t forget that flying cockroaches can still crawl. If they found that they can’t get in by flying, they can crawl through cracks to get into your home.

  • Keep Your Home Clean

Flying roaches mostly thrive in damp and untidy places.

Keeping your home clean will limit the activities of cockroaches to a great extent. Clean and tidy space reduce the dampness that flying roaches find valuable.

Ensuring that your bathroom is tidy and dry will eliminate the damp environment that they need to survive.

Clear up your trashcans regularly. That’s a place they can survive.

  • Inspect What Enters Your Home

Flying roaches can still get into your home with human help.

For instance, they can get into your home through wood used for fireplaces. Since you might not use all the wood once, they can crawl out of the wood and dwell in a place they find suitable.

In rare cases, they can get into your home through parcels or your luggage.

Be sure to check whatever will get into your home.

A good place to check them is outside your apartment. Cockroaches are agile creatures and can quickly get away. Don’t let them escape inside your apartment where they can hide in hard to reach corners.

  • Set Traps for Them

Although they fly, they’re not much different from the normal roaches. You can still bait them like the nonflying types.

Well-knitted traps can help you get rid of flying roaches.

Put the traps around areas you suspect them. As said above, you’ll find flying roaches around damp areas, that should be areas that you should trap them.

There are sticky traps that can bait them but this means you’d have to handle them with your hand. You can use a glove to take them off.

Poisons for roaches can also help you eliminate flying roaches.

  • Fix Leaks and Cracks

Flying roaches can still get into your home through cracks and leaks. These include cracks on walls and floors, broken windows and faulty drains. The worst realization is that these places can offer flying roaches the dampness that they desire.

Make sure that every leaky place in your home is fixed. Seal up cracked area too.

  • Ask for Professional Help

Professional pest exterminators can help you get rid of flying roaches.

This is important when you find that you couldn’t control their infestation. Pest exterminators will advise you on what you should do to get rid of flying roaches. That’s not to say they’ll do nothing, they will. However, getting rid of flying roaches is an active process. You need to be more cautious especially if you have had them prior.

Professional guidance will go a long way in getting rid of the vermin.

You Should Get Rid of Flying Roaches

Flying roaches are creatures that should not get into your home. Cockroaches like most household pests can be kept away by maintaining a high level of hygiene and following some precautions.

The information contained in this piece can help you get rid of flying roaches.

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