Can Roaches Live in a Refrigerator

You might have wondered how roaches can get into your refrigerator. As everyone knows, the temperature inside a refrigerator is too low for comfort. How then can roaches live in a refrigerator?

We’ll see how roaches get into refrigerators and how you can stop them.

Where Do Roaches Live in a Refrigerator?

If you saw a roach inside your refrigerator, there’s a high chance that the cockroach does not live there. Cockroaches are coldblooded animals and would not survive extreme cold for long.

They might hide in places where the cold would not get extreme. For instance, inside a container that’s outside the freezer.

If you see them in the freezer, it’s possible that the roaches only entered to get food.

Roaches can get into your refrigerator through small openings, if your fridge is not completely sealed. Since they’re a mostly nocturnal, roaches will get into the fridge, eat whatever they want and return to where they were lurking.

Areas like the motors, condensers and other warm areas are where cockroaches thrive.

Why Should You Care about Roaches in Your Fridge?

Cockroaches are unhygienic scavengers, according to the world health organization. They can spread a lot of disease-causing pathogens. Chief among these pathogens is the salmonella bacteria that causes food poisoning.

Since, there’s food in your refrigerator, you should be worried aobut roaches living in your fridge.

Can Roaches Live in a Refrigerator

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Refrigerators?

Now that you know how roaches can live in a refrigerator, it’s time to send them out.

The following are some tips that will help you.

  • Clean Your Fridge Regularly

Keeping your fridge clean and tidy will help to keep roaches away. Cockroaches like untidy places.

Also, when you clean up the fridge, it helps to destroy their nest. This causes a setback for them. As it takes time to rebuild the nest.

  • Reduce Clutter in Your Home

Cockroaches in your refrigerator can be a sign of a larger infestation in your home. Ensure that your home is tidy enough to prevent roaches from forming a colony.

There are several places you can reduce clutter. For instance, you need to empty the trashcan regularly as roaches find them attractive enough. The trash also provides them food as cockroaches eat anything.

  • Use Essential Oil to Repel Them

There are many food grade essential oils that deter cockroaches. Place any of these close to your fridge to stop them from entering.

You will need to do this regularly as the oils lose efficacy.

  • Fix Your Drains

Roaches can get into your home through the drains. Since your sink leads to the drain, roaches might get into your kitchen from there.

Fix broken pipes.

Cover your sink with a stopper before you go to sleep.

Send Roaches Out of Your Refrigerators

Roaches can get into your refrigerator and make their home there. Don’t panic. You can stop them from getting into the fridge. If you apply the above tips, you’ll get roaches out of your refrigerator.

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