Can I Break My Lease Because of Roaches

I’ve always wondered how can I break my lease because of roaches. Now, let’s face it, cockroaches can be quite a disgusting creature. Also, the fact that they carry diseases is enough for me to cringe.

Living in a house that’s infested with roaches means I have to do something fast about it.

Can I Break My Lease Because of Roaches?

Why Should I Break My Lease Because of Roaches?

You might think that I’m crazy for wanting to get out of lease because of roaches. Afterall, the landlord or the agents are not usually responsible for the roaches.

Well, these are some reasons why you should consider breaking a lease.

  • The Infestation is Unsolvable

Well, technically every infestation of cockroaches can be combated. But I don’t have to worry everyday of my life about eliminating roaches from my house.

Besides, my neighbor could also be the cause of the cockroaches’ infestation.

Roaches can move from house to house. So, it might be coming from my neighbor’s place. If the neighbor is not helpful, it makes sense for me to move away from the neighborhood.

  • Health Considerations

Cockroaches won’t leave overnight. Some might take months to fully eliminate.

During that period, roaches will still be in rampage.

Sadly, they won’t go on a break from spreading diseases. Cockroaches can cause food poisoning. They can also cause other health issues. According to health experts, roaches are a vector of more than 30 disease causing pathogens.

If you’re not patient enough to wait for the infestation to end, it’s not your fault.

  • Unhelpful Landlords and Agents

Your landlord can be the reason when you break a lease.

Some landlords only care about collecting their rents and nothing more. If a landlord is unwilling to help you solve an infestation of roaches, you have no business being their tenant.

There are even other actions of landlords that can lead to an infestation of roaches.

For instance, an improperly placed trashcan might become a colony for roaches. When the place is not enough for the roaches, they’ll move on to your space. Your landlord should be willing to help you sort out these issues so you deal with the cockroaches.

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Can I Break My Lease Because of Roaches

How to Break a Lease Without Losing It

Breaking a lease can be complicated. It doesn’t have to be, but it’s something that might involve your lawyer. For instance, your landlord might feel cheated or slighted and sue you. If you don’t have a good case, you might end up paying the lease or at worst spending a few months in prison.

I know you don’t want that to happen.

So, you have to pay attention on how to break a lease because of roaches.

  • Learn About the Law in Your State

When I wondered how can I break my lease because of roaches, I had to check what my state says about it.

The first thing you’d do is to check with the office of the attorney general of your state. The website will be a good place to check. If you live in the capital city, the better it becomes for you.

You have to consider if the penalty for breaking the lease is worth it or you should just move on. If you move on, you’d have to pay the amount of the entire period of the lease. So, think about it. Is it worth it? Also breaking a lease can affect your credit score. That’s if you’re shown to act on bad faith.

Normally, your state should have a law that mandate breaking a lease if the apartment or house is not habitable.

Roaches can make a house unhabitable. So, it can be a good argument especially if your landlord sues you. It can also protect you especially if the landlord refuses to repay you your security deposit.

  • Gather Evidence

The only way you can break a lease is if you’re very certain that cockroaches are disturbing you.

It’ll not cut it if you say you saw a cockroach and want to break a lease because of that.

You’d have to show hard evidence. You’ll take pictures of the vermin disturbing your house. Damaged properties, you might not need to wait until it happens though, can also be used as evidence to show that you can’t live in the house again.

Professionals can also help to assess the level of cockroaches’ infestation in the home.

The report from a professional can be helpful, if an angry landlord, decides to sue you for instance. Don’t be afraid to order their services.

  • Tell Your Landlord About It

Your landlord is under no obligation to refund you, if you have made security deposit, when you said nothing about your cockroaches’ infestation.

You should tell your landlord about the infestation of cockroaches in your home.

It’s only if you told your landlord about it and he does nothing that you breaking the lease is justified.

Sometimes, you might not have dealings with your landlord but rather the agents. Try to get through to the landlord.

  • Move Out

If you’ve exhausted all options, you will have to move out.

Get a moving company to convey your belonging to your new place.

You should inform your landlord that you’re moving. Preferably a letter could suffice. If you have some deposit with the landlord, ask him to refund you.

Final Words

Cockroaches in your home can be quite a menace. If you’re not comfortable with them, it’s a good reason to move from the house to another one. Hopefully, you follow the tips here so you don’t end up hurting yourself.

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