Does Soap Kill Cockroaches

Cockroaches are infamous for being tough to eradicate. You might not have the right chemicals to get rid of them, nor do you have the funds to employ an exterminator. As a result, there are various urban legends concerning roach-killing DIY home goods. A roach killer that combines soap and water is frequently recommended.

Cockroaches may be removed using soap. The protective outer layer of roaches may be melted away with soap and water, obstructing their spiracles. The roach will ultimately die because it is unable to breathe. On the other hand, female German roaches are more resistant to being sprayed with soap and water than males, according to scientific studies.

The soap does not kill roaches. Because soap includes fat, cockroaches eat it, indicating that it is not hazardous. Combine the soap and water in a spray bottle, and treat each roach thoroughly. Even if you do this, keep in mind that it does not guarantee a 100 per cent success rate. To get rid of a massive infestation, you’ll need to use other measures.

Does Soap and Water Kill Cockroaches?

To get the most remarkable results, combine soap and water. This is because it:

  • It’s simple to transfer to a spray bottle.
  • It has a larger surface area to cover.
  • Allows water and soap to enter the spiracles of a cockroach.

Research published in Advances in Biological Science Research proved this. American cockroaches were given five sprays of soapy water from a spray bottle at a concentration of 32 per cent. Within 24 hours, more than half of the roaches had died. Higher amounts of soapy water had comparable outcomes.

Dish soap in liquid form was proven to be just as effective. According to the Journal of Economic Entomology, a 3% concentration of soapy water mix rendered 100 per cent of German cockroaches inactive in under three minutes.

Does Soap Kill Cockroaches

Does Soap Kill Male Roaches Better Than Females?

Male and female cockroaches have slightly different fatality rates. According to the Journal of Economic Entomology, Adult German cockroach females are the most resistant to a soapy water solution.

Male cockroaches, on average, have lower lifespans than female cockroaches, according to the International Journal of Scientific Research. This might be the product of natural selection. Females are mainly in charge of depositing eggs and, as a result, of future generations. As a result, they may have evolved to be more resistant to therapies.

This was only seen in female German cockroaches. It’s possible that it doesn’t apply to all cockroach species found in the home.

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How Does Soap Kill Roaches?

While the soap-and-water approach isn’t a myth, some misconceptions about why it works; some speculate that this is because soap is meant to destroy microorganisms. Because roaches are filthy creatures who like filthy environments, it’s claimed that they can’t take cleanliness. That, however, is not the case.

  • Soap Harms A Roach’s Protective Coating

Most insects produce an oily and waxy exterior coating. This cover functions as a barrier between you and bodily damage. It also aids cockroaches in maintaining hydrated and repelling water from their bodies.

When you wash a cockroach with soapy water, the soap destroys the protective waxy layer. As a result, they are subject to significant water loss and damage.

In addition, roaches have different breathing systems. They have spiracles instead of lungs. They may take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide through these breathing channels. They can prevent drowning if they can seal these spiracles. On the other hand, Soapy water causes this process to be disrupted.

These spiracles can be coated and blocked with a soapy solution. Once fully covered, cockroaches will find it difficult to open or close their spiracles, limiting their capacity to breathe. Roaches will not get oxygen if they are adequately coated with soap. As a result, death occurs. It’s one of the few methods for suffocating a roach.

Does Soapy Water Kill Cockroaches Instantly?

A simple solution of soap and water is a safe, dependable, and affordable option. Make a solution of soapy water and water that you can spray with a bottle. The soapy solution will block their breathing pores and suffocate them; thus, it will only take 2–3 sprays to kill any roaches.

Can Soapy Water kill Cockroach Eggs?

The protective outer layer of roaches may be melted away with soap and water, obstructing their spiracles. The roach will ultimately die because it is unable to breathe. On the other hand, female German roaches are more resistant to being sprayed with soap and water than males, according to scientific studies. The soap does not kill roaches.

Do Roaches Like Soap?

If there is no other food available, cockroaches will consume soap. This is because bar soap, in particular, is manufactured with fat and oil. It has a moisturizing effect on the skin, a lovely scent, and specific therapeutic properties due to this. These components also contain the following for a roach:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are included in bar soaps in particular. A cockroach’s diet should include this chemical. According to the National Library of Medicine, it aids in nutritional retention and increases male pheromone output. The latter is critical for attracting mates and, as a result, ensuring the population’s survival.

Cockroaches aren’t interested in the soap itself. If they can’t find any other food, they’ll consume a bar of soap from your bathroom—the more organic or natural the soap, the better. Roach will not be harmed by eating soap. They may die if they are coated in the chemical.

What Type of Soap Kills Roaches?

You have two possibilities if you wish to kill roaches using household soap:

  • Bar soap
  • Liquid dish soap

The additives are the primary distinction between them.

Bar Soap

Soap bars include ingredients that act as skin softeners and fragrances. To make roach poison out of soap, follow these steps:

  • Mix 1 cup of liquid
  • Add 0.4 cup melted bar soap to the mix.
  • Shake well and pour into a spray bottle.

Make sure it has a concentration of 32 percent or more significant. At this level of strength, any roaches sprayed will almost certainly die within 24 hours.

Liquid Soap

While both bar soap and liquid dish soap kill cockroaches, the liquid type may be the most effective. Its ingredients fight microorganisms while cutting through thick oil. As a result, it has a harsher tone.

It’s also easy to combine liquid soap with water and use it in a spray bottle. Liquid choices are excellent if you don’t want to melt down bar soap. Liquid soap includes fewer lipids and oils since it is more chemically treated. As a result, unlike bar soap, it will not attract roaches when left out. All you’ll need is:

  • 1 cup of liquid
  • 12 tsp liquid dishwashing soap
  • Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle.

How To Get Rid Of A Roach Using Soap

Remember to shake your soapy water solution before spraying if you come across a cockroach. The more the soap is incorporated, the more effective it will be.

Spray the insect many times. This will guarantee that the cockroach gets plenty of it.

Because cockroaches are long-lived insects, you’ll need to spray them frequently.

Is Soap A Good Roach Poison?

Soap and water can be too easy to be a suitable insecticide. It does, however, operate in a limited capacity.


Here are some reasons why soap should be your first choice:

It’s a non-toxic product.

In small amounts, soap is not hazardous to animals or humans. It’s perfect for families with dogs or minor children.

  • Cheap

In most convenience stores, soap is readily available. Some are available for less than a dollar. As a result, it’s excellent for those who don’t have enough money to:

  • Insecticides
  • Using the services of an exterminator


Aside from the benefits, the following factors may turn you off to soap:

Not completely effective

Various cockroaches respond to the soap in different ways, according to studies. An American cockroach that has been sprayed has a 50% probability of surviving. German cockroaches, on the other hand, are more vulnerable.

Many commercial insecticides, including those sold in supermarkets, claim to kill more insects. They will not discriminate based on the type of cockroach. Consider more traditional approaches if you don’t want to offer roaches a 50/50 chance of survival.

  • Can’t Take It Any Longer With An Infestation

If you only have one or two roaches, soap and water will suffice. That said, killing a single roach at a time won’t be enough to get rid of a whole infestation. Harsher actions will be required.

  • It necessitates your presence.

While pesticide sprays require you to be there to kill roaches, this soap-and-water technique does not. Because this bug is most active at night, you may find it difficult to control an infestation.

Roaches can be killed with soap and water, but not in the way you may think. They become more prone to drowning as a result. If no other food sources are available, roaches will consume soap if it is left lying around.


Most time, we find roaches in our laundry, sometimes we find dead roaches in water containing soap, so because of this, we have taken the step to probe into knowing if soap indeed kills cockroaches and related information you need to know.

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